5 Ways to Bring Good Vibes into Your Home Office

If this never ending pandemic has you working from home still, there are some things you can do to make your work from home life feel better and maybe even more productive without breaking the bank. We have gathered up the 5 easiest ways to spruce up your office and improve the look of your home too.

One of the first things to consider in your home office is how to position your desk chair. Seems obvious I know, but try to position your chair and desk to look outwardly as best circulation comes when you look out onto a view. In other words take advantage of a view if you have one, otherwise make the best of the space you have. I would say that the overall symmetry of a room is better than just a view, so make sure that you consider both. And of course, if you are indeed space challenged and are making space that is not really your office into your work area, then make it feel like your own personal space, not 100% the desk under your sons bunk bed! Make it reflect you and your personality by placing your favorite objects there for self- empowerment. On that same note, whether it be a makeshift desk or your living room sofa, make sure that your workspace is somewhere you can feel positive and productive. Surround yourself with a “good vibes only” mantra. Fill your walls with artwork that makes you smile, always a plus at "work".

Research shows that good lighting positively affects productively, so make sure that the lighting in your work space is working in your favor. At JAC we prefer a combination of task lighting and overhead general lighting, both with the ability to be dimmable so we can adjust them according to the amount of natural light through out the day. And of course natural light from windows or sky lights can definitely promote positive work flow, it's one of the strongest manifestations of energy and keeps us going from morning until night time. So keep curtains and blinds open throughout the day and use lamps or candles to illuminate dark spaces. Avoid angling direct light on your computer screen to eliminate glare. Instead, aim for overhead lighting or ambient light to illuminate your desk surface.

Green thumb or not, including plants in your home office design is an excellent way to enhance your environment and liven up your space. You can also improve improve the quality of air in your office by introducing plants, foliage and flora. Plants will improve concentration and increase positive energy, enhance positive feelings, reduce stress and innovate thinking. And don't forget about the beauty of fresh cut flowers from your local farmers market for a scent that will keep you in a good mood. Us humans are happiest when surrounded by nature, but not all of us can work from the nearest park. Bringing the outdoors in is always a good idea!

Changing up the feel of your workspace environment can be as easy as putting on some music. Listen to your favorite relaxing Spotify station, or go classical for a background vibe that makes you feel organized and smart, Amadeus style. Whatever it is, music can be the transition from "home" to "work".

Lastly, your workspace at home does not need to be limited to the desk and chair, likewise it doesn't have to be used solely for work. Taking periodic breaks mentally and physically helps you to be more productive in the long run. By adding a small sofa or lounge chair in your office area, you can separate yourself from the world of work even just for a few minutes. Options are always better, am I right? By making your room into a multi-functional space you will help erase the association of the area to work-related tasks. One place to avoid putting your desk is in your bedroom, as you may be wanting to sleep when you should be working and vice versa!