Avante guarde holiday decorations

We love to JAC-up our holidays with unique holiday decor and want to share some of our favorite ways to spread that festive feeling. And even though we know not everybody celebrates Christmas, if you do and are itching for something that will make everyone around delight in your holiday decorating ideas, try hanging your Christmas tree upside down and from the ceiling! Crazy modern holiday decor idea right? But impressively effective at...literally...turning Christmas on it's head! The Tate Britain museum did this to good effect last year and it's really taken off. It's derivative and JAC approves! Upside-down Christmas trees are either hung from a bracket on the ceiling like a chandelier, stood upside-down on a stand, or mounted tip-down on the wall. The Christmas tree below turns a very traditional home into a quirky one! If you have small kids or dogs, the ornaments are harder to reach and therefore stay on the tree rather than yanked to the ground, always the preferred choice!

Everybody knows that JAC's favorite mythical creature logo is a JAC-elope so of course we adore almost anything with antlers in the design. Naturally shed antlers or natural looking fake antlers are a great way to bring some texture and that wintry feeling into your holiday decor, regardless of what you're celebrating. They can be incorporated into your dining table scape, your mantle with some candles and greens and even atop your tree. We love bringing some holiday cheer throughout your home, like this festive guest room below.

Festive holiday decor tips can be done in a flash with natural elements like this wood tree and some evergreen cuts placed into a simple vase. JAC has unique styling ideas like no need to use the traditional colors of green and red, winter white and wood works every time.

Adding some black to the mix with natural branches, and you can create magical scenes throughout your space. Choose stars, simple ornaments and fabric ribbon and, BOOM--All ready for Holiday 2017!