Be A Maximalist (Maximalism)

Go big or go home, so the saying goes, and that’s certainly the maxim that applies to maximalist design. So, if your'e ready to infuse a whole lot of personality into your personal space, just ignore functionality and rationality. Forget about the whole maximalism vs. minimalism movement! In maximalist home decor, less is definitely NOT more! Leave white space at the door, and say hello to every single design trend you like, then pile them all together, lol. Actually it's a bit like that, but there are ways to make maximalism look interesting and not like a garage sale, so pay attention.

The first thing to think about is try NOT to create a maximalist room all at once, it's often a process that takes some tweaking over time. Start with what you already have and then layer on the fun and personality. JAC Interiors suggests coming up with a bold new wall color or eccentric wallpaper or rug and add that in with what you already have and then see where you are. If you are a collector, you're in luck, as you can use your collections of almost anything in your decor to really shout out what your interests are. Maximalism can truly be a reflection of all your many interests, blended to make a whole look and feel- diverse aesthetics is the goal!

Connecting the design dots is important though, just so the room makes sense visually speaking and has a modern eclectic interior. There needs to be a connection that will draw the eye from one piece to the next and you can do this through color and pattern. Just remember to balance each side of the room mixing solids and patterns so your eye flows nicely from one side to the next.

Juxtaposing materials is encouraged though and it helps the maximalist room come to life and be balanced all at once. So, if you have a cool vintage coffee table, then place a beautiful wood table in the dining room. Soft vs hard elements are also a good way to juxtapose materials like in the above Kelly Wearstler bedroom. When it comes to maximalist design, it’s all about decadence, excess, and extravagance, so be courageous with color, play with pattern, and create mesmerizing motifs. Breaking some traditional design rules is definitely part of the fun!