Best Indoor Houseplants for Chic Home Interiors

At JAC Interiors we adore all things green plant wise in our homes and work spaces. Check with any other design pro and they will say the same, that green plants are always a plus for any interior design scheme. House plants can lend a sculptural quality unlike anything else, they literally provide for amazing visual backdrops to any room in the house. But beyond just freshening up a room, they help to boost air quality and even reduce stress.

As it turns out, the color green actually helps calm the senses and reminds us of the importance of our collective connection to nature. According to a recent article in psychology today, "Having plants, going for a walk in the park, or even looking at a landscape poster could produce psychological benefits, reduce stress, and improve concentration." So, collecting even just a few small house plants are a good thing for you and the ones you love. Peppering them around your home and office means bringing new life to your home, literally. ( Click here for the Pschology Today/Miller-McCune article: Nature is Good.)

In terms of achieving a chic interior design, house plants are definitely enjoying a moment of resurgent popularity. Boho chic absolutely cannot be achieved without a plethora of unique indoor plants and trees that impart a carefree quality of unrestrained beauty that only green plants can embody, a true reflection of the modern bohemian aesthetic. They can come in all different shapes and sizes, can be short or tall, succulents or hanging spider plants, just invest in some plants to place around your home or work space to provide that ethereal quality. Plants can be incorporated into any design theme, boho or not!

The fun part also includes picking out pots for your new found friends, and these vessels can work with any interior aesthetic: mid-century modern Modernica pots on wood stands, terracotta pots for modern (or classic) Mediterranean spaces, or shiny chrome pots that harken back to an 80's disco vibe. Whatever your design, pick pots to whack up the wow factor for your indoor plants, its helps set the stage for beautiful things to come.