Black White & Bold

Black White & Bold

Black and White color palettes are modern, sophisticated and totally JAC. Its seems too simple, two contrasting colors, one completely void of color and the second the strongest of all the colors, working together to create a sophisticated, inviting feeling throughout a space. Your eye instantly is drawn to black when you walk into a room and its important, from a design standpoint, to have at least one element of black in your space. It helps to anchor a piece of furniture or art piece as well as creates a focal point for that space. Whether its with a modest patterned pillow, black frame for art, modern black wire pendant light or a full on black accent wall, JAC is a fan of black.

White is always a great go to as well. Clean, minimal, crisp, airy and timeless, white walls and furniture are an easy neutral. Let this color be the back drop for all your accents layers. Put these two colors together exclusively, highlighted by silver, gold, brass, iron, stone or green plants and you have a dynamite duo that will never go out of style.

Black White & Bold Black White & Bold Black White & Bold Black White & Bold Black White & Bold Black White & Bold Black White & Bold

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