Bold, Black Bathroom Design Ideas & Inspiration

At JAC, interior designer Los Angeles, black is always in style. And for bathroom interior design, swoon! We love juxtaposing the all white bathroom with black and white options for a bit of mood in the bath. Be it a powder room or master bath, black bathroom paint is back with a vengeance. The picture above marries a traditional sink and fixtures with a high impact hand painted wall treatment that knocks our socks off, even the door is hand painted! The brass accents add a bit of jazz to boot. JAC loves to use bold design ideas for small bathrooms. Check out this bold bathroom inspiration, the flower pattern tiles on the vanity wall make us smile. And by the way, this bathroom seems easily attainable wherever you live, even if it's a rental. Black paint, new articulated lights and even a simple black and white wallpaper behind a round mirror do the trick. DO try this at home!

You want your bathroom to feel both relaxing and clean, which is why black and white is a universally appealing palette in any space. Stainless steel, gold, and even brass fixtures look great paired together and a neutral backdrop offers so much versatility for accessorizing. The vanity below is made from whole pieces of marble with inset sinks, and to great effect. I love monolithic design! The off-center backlit sconce just adds to the lunar essence!

The below picture is super glam and bold and mythical. The brass/ black/ bubble tub is on fire! And that sea creature wallpaper makes me wanna go deep sea diving in the dark dark depths of the sea--but maybe I'll just soak in this tub instead :-)

And talking about being adventurous, check out this "cave diver" spa tub...So much texture, so much character, but clean and fresh at the same time!

I just have to ask out loud...who doesn't want to soak in this black granite bathtub below? Especially with that giant plate glass window and outdoor view just beyond? The simplicity of materials and lines in this bathroom astound me. No wonder black and white materials were the only natural choices.

The black towel bar below is the main design feature in this small bath, with the graphic tile floor keeping the whole room feeling vibrant and alive. This feels tech-y and hipster but timeless too, and we like all of that . Have fun with your black vibes!