Changing With the Seasons: Quick Change for Spring

Each season brings the desire to change up your interiors aesthetic but no season makes you wanna refresh your home for spring quite like this season does. Something about the new buds and summer colors just about to break through that makes us all wanna push the refresh button on our homes. And at JAC Interiors we have very solid ideas on some of our favorite spring interior design trends for 2018. Bringing the outside in with indoor plants for your home and flower motifs are making a hug comeback, but bigger and bolder, and we love this trend. One of our favorite spring decorating tips is shapely furniture. Couches will take cues from the '70s this season, with quirky curves that liven up your living room. There's something definitively sexy about a sofa with some curve to it, and we used a pair of white demilune custom made sofas to good effect in our desert project recently. We also love the uber high contrast trend of black and white. JAC is loving this classic combination —perhaps as a way of offsetting some of the season's more striking styles. It just seems to be a timeless combo that also feels fresh and modern and can be achieved so easily with quick paint, or fabric change ups. One of our tip-top favorite trends this spring is what's called the "wabi-sabi" trend, which in Japanese means celebrating the imperfect harmony of objects in life or, the actual art of finding beauty in imperfection. In home design, this translates to handmade or hand-painted items including rough linens and pottery. The result? A deeply personal, organic aesthetic. To JAC, it feels like a genuine compliment to the bohemian chic movement. In other words, perfection can be the beauty in bringing together somewhat incoherent items like handmade and vintage objects mixed with natural elements. It's the tension of the objects mixed together that presents a hamonious environment, devoid of rules and perfection. We are seeing a lot of really beautiful, heavily cabineted kitchens out there. Possibly people's backlash to open shelving... JAC Interiors thinks this trend is about a renewed appreciation for cabinetry. Rather than stark-white kitchen cabinets, expect to see warm grays, blues, and creams, as well as wood grain tones. Jewel tones and color-blocking are still major trends. Pantone just named Ultra Violet it's color of the year, while Sherwin-Williams selected Oceanside SW 6496 (think emerald green meets sapphire). Both shades are said to be especially invigorating—just the motivation we need as we head into spring and summer. If you can't handle super intense colors, use lilac, a calmer cousin to the violet tones, super versatile, super restful in bedrooms, and could be the new millennial pink!