Choosing Art-- Does it Speak to You?

At JAC interiors we believe art makes a house a home. But choosing art pieces for your space can be a daunting task for fear of buyers remorse. We offer some tips for choosing art. Whether you are fixated on single statement pieces or long for a full gallery wall, staying true to your own tastes can be difficult with so many artistic outlets around. If you want to know how to buy art from a gallery, holding out for the pieces that speak to you is key. And what I have learned about art in my own life as well as my clients, is that art WILL move you. The right piece will speak to you or tug at your heart strings, and that's when you know you should shell out what you can to make that piece part of your life.

I think any and all artists and art purveyors would agree that your art choice should be something you like to look at on a daily basis. It should be something that inspires, or soothes, or energizes or draws you in deeply and intellectually.

Often a collection starts small, with bedroom art and then obviously evolves over time, the more you mature as a person and a collector. What starts out as a need to fill a blank space can very often morph into the desire to search for specific pieces from an artist you love, or of a particular medium like modern photography or abstract oils on canvas. Personally, I love it when a home has a mixture of several variations and types of artwork mediums and shows your art and personality. It feels more curated and wide versus only collecting a certain style, but there are no rules and both ways of collecting speak volumes about you as the collector, and then again how you choose to display your art in your own way in your own space. I think a lot of times that the location of the artwork and what furniture pieces or architectural details exist can dictate what feels right. Great layering of both sculptural and fine art paintings can create that coveted curated look rather than utilizing only paintings or prints to fill your home.

I believe overall that art can be as simple as framed kids artwork or textiles from your local flea market or thrift store. If you want to know how to buy art for your home, it's not the amount of money you spend on your "art", it's the integration of that art into your home, so that it ultimately tells a story of who you are and where you've been. Bottomline: if you love it, buy it and decide where it goes later as it will always bring you joy! Happy hunting!

 The Madison Club - Interiors by JAC Interiors Photos by Pablo Enriquez