Creative Ways to Showcase Books Without a Bookshelf

Book lovers are often faced with the fact that their book buying habit has over-ridden all their obvious storage solutions, like the ever-present bookcase or shelf. I get the the love of books, coffee table books in particular are my favorite with their larger than life size and effervescent colors, often featuring jaw dropping interiors or gardens and the like, all of my favorite things. But one has only just so many coffee tables and bookcases and surfaces with which to display them. JAC, an interior design company in Los Angeles, will help you learn how to store books without using a bookshelf. There are so many ways to store books, in fact so many creative ways to store books. That's why we wanted to share some tips on clever ways to store books that we think actually add to your decor, in that oh-so-intriguing way that says...."I'm a very interesting and well read but NOT messy person", LOL. I mean, pragmatists might suggest donating or giving your extra books away, but at JAC, one of many interior design companies we say....put them everywhere and anywhere...See if you agree.... Coffee tables, as we have already said, are a given for showcasing your favorite books, but actually we want to take this idea further and say to stack your books on all your surfaces that you can get away with storing them on a regular basis, without having to move them to eat or work or whatever. Place your books on other tables around your home. Whether stacked on the entry console or a small side table, books offer the perfect way to create an easy centerpiece or add varied height to a vignette. I think you will see what I mean with some of the below pics. I have personally used a large stack of books as a side table before. Ok maybe this was a while ago in one of my first apartments, but the idea is still a valid one. I placed a lovely flat-ish pillow on top of a stack of books, then placed a tray on top of that and VOILA: side table. This trick works in the bedroom too. Stack your books, then place a lamp on top and there you have it! Same idea works really well as a low-slung drinks table. Just stack your extra books in front of your bedside table or sofa or where ever then place a tray on top and BOOM, extra surface space for a cup of tea or glass of H2O. Use the natural focal point of a room as your extra spot for books. Provided it’s not in use, the fireplace is an excellent place to store and show off an excess of books. Take advantage of its prime placement in the room to fashion a statement-making focal point: You can pack books into the firebox, stack them on the hearth, or even turn the mantel into a single-row bookshelf. Other odd spots like the nook next to your stairs, the foot of your bed, the odd area above your built-ins—unusual or hard-to-reach spots become stylish (and functional!) spaces when decked out with books. We consider any and all extra space fair game for storage and display.