Crushing on Blush

Now, it could be the fact that JAC just welcomed a baby girl so we are subconsciously in tune with our pink side, or it could also just be that this color gives us a really fuzzy case of the feels, but we are crushing on blush. Call it dusty rose, mauvey pink, baby blush or soft terra-cotta, this warm hue is a feminine kind of neutral that we can't get enough of lately.

It's really a great way to bring in a more earthy warm tone to a project without having to rely always on browns, taupes and beiges. It's a great transitional color from the summer brights and whites to winters stark blacks and greys, hence perfect for fall. You can pop it out with a contrasting black accent or blend it seamlessly with your whites and creams.

Pink tile and stone may instantly transport you back to your Aunt Jane's 80's inspired bathroom remodel, but let's try to look past that tragic image burned in your brain. The modern blush ceramic and stone world is strong, clean, and when accented with brass or black fixtures, a totally fresh, re-imagined kind of surface inspiration we're seeing pop up in a lot of Los Angeles Interior Designers' feed.

Rose linens, chunky blush throws and puffy pink pillows add a touch of feminine bliss to perhaps an otherwise harsh bedroom setting. Nothing softens a boudoir like a romantic pinch of pink, one of JAC's favorite bedroom design ideas this season.

Pink walls and furniture are for sure a commitment, but perfect for the ultra fem chick with a real vision.

Are you happy with your current home vibes and don't feel the need to transform your space every season, or your husband is allergic to pink??? Always the option to dress yourself in this color we so desire. Pretty blush suedes, knits, velvets and silks are a great way to feel pretty and on trend without an interior overhaul. Great for all skin tones, blondes and brunettes alike, accent it with a great black wool or soft beige leather, add a pop of gold and you are good to go.