Custom Furniture: What Does it Really Mean?

As designers for high end luxury homes and new builds, JAC partners with furniture manufacturers to custom make bespoke furnishings for many of our clients. And that sounds like it would have a very high price tag right? Prices on custom furniture is one question we get asked a lot from people we work with and it's a fair question. After all, if your "designer" is having a custom sofa or side table made specifically for your home, surely that's a luxury most people cant afford, or is it? Lets break down this myth and others built up around custom furniture pieces for your space.

Yes, a custom made piece of furniture is going to seem expensive and yes, it may cost you a little more than a piece from a mass produced furniture retailer. But, don't let sticker shock get the best of you. There is value in custom furniture because it will fit your space and will last longer. If you've got an awkwardly-sized space to fill and can't find any sofa or chair to fit, custom made furniture may be the thing for you. You can customize most of the pieces down to the inch which is perfect for those spots where nothing else fits quite right.

At JAC we often make custom sized pieces to help us design the best configuration and style for your specific space. Recently we designed a whole house with both elements that were purchased on line and several pieces we developed for our custom manufacturer to build. Items like coffee tables, dining tables and built-in banquette benches in a breakfast nook are all case goods we regularly design ourselves. The best part is we get to choose the finish and size to very good effect to fit exactly the space. In reality, you spend a lot of money acquiring the right home, why not spend a tad more to make it perfectly formed on the inside as well. Plus, we have found that often what we can produce on a custom sofa is often LESS or equal to an off the rack sofa at a retailer.

One of the most important benefits of buying customer furniture is the fact that it’s custom-made for your home. That means not just style, but also size. You can build furniture sized to your living room decor inspiration, for example. Instead of hoping a piece of pre-made furniture fits the dimensions of the space, you can customize the dimensions to make sure the furniture is exactly what you need to decorate/fill the room.

With custom furniture, you can also add important elements that may not be included on standard furniture. For example, you can have the furniture builder add a set of drawers to the base of your master bed, or you can install a cabinet on the top layers of your bookshelf. Using custom pieces you can figure out how to match your sofa with your coffee table. It’s all about including only the features that you know you can use to organize and decorate your home efficiently.

Another great thing about custom furniture is that you can opt for the eco-friendly option at an affordable price. For example, did you know that you can use reclaimed and recycled wood to build furniture? Instead of using wood from new trees that have to be cut down, we can use old wood to build brand new furniture. It’s a way of helping to reduce your carbon footprint and take advantage of old, beautiful, and antique furniture.

Custom furniture can be more expensive, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run. After all, with a piece of furniture designed by you specifically for your home, you will be perfectly satisfied with your furniture for many years to come.