Desert Drama- Achieving the Desert Luxe Look

Desert inspired interior design can come in many forms, but when JAC does desert design it has a decidedly luxe look and feel. Living or vacationing in the desert really does mean loving the aesthetic of indoor and outdoor living, in all its forms: colors, textures, patterns, light and of course the weather and plant life. Our desert chic decors really blends the outside with the inside in the same way that desert living weather affords that same experience. But in typical JAC fashion, we like to take the design to the next level using luxury interior design trends. Using beautiful slabs of natural stone and marble and combining them with the many textures found in desert hues and indigenous plants, we produce contrasts to the outside world and blur the lines to create a visual link between indoors and out, a simple trick you can use at home to a similar effect. In our most recent palm desert design inspiration in Palm Desert’s Madison Club, we used a study in contrasts to create that same feel. We wanted to use both dark and light colors found in nature and illuminate the calm in between. Emphasizing the desert setting we used warm and earthy colors and textures, along with bright whites to create a design tension. Easy enough to recreate anywhere outside the desert, using loads of textures in your furnishings and fabrics, and making sure your lighting feels modern and airy, then blend in the ever popular and sculptural greenery of spiky cacti and succulents. Viola: luxe desert design!