Design Essentials for Outdoor Living

Now that July is finally here JAC Interiors thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of our best ideas of how to make the most of summer living. Plus this summer of 2020 is definitely the summer to make the best of staying at home to stay safe so why not spruce up your outdoor space and celebrate July 4th in style.

Of course the furniture basics are the sitting and dining areas. We love anything with texture, keeping the larger pieces like outdoor sofas and chairs in monotone fabrics, then adding in throw pillows for splashes of color. Textured rattan or wood really does add so much to an outdoor space, and can be paired together for an eclectic effect. Don't forget that your outdoor area however small will always look better when it's grounded with an outdoor rug. There are so many choices these days from natural fibers to recycled plastic rugs that look amazing and are so easy to maintain for years to come. Just spray off with a hose and let it dry in the sun, its that's easy and quick.

One of our favorite ways to spice up your outside patio or terrace is to add in string lights, they're not just for Christmas anymore. String them up and around trees, or over the top of your dining area, they really do add ambiance, and might help you forget that your summer vacation plans got Covid cancelled! The other must have is some sort of firelight. Of course we prefer a fire pit of any kind, but even placing a tray with multiples of candles can make the grade. Flickering fire of any kind is so magical.

Some of you may be having trouble going out and shopping in person during this pandemic and are wanting to use what you have and spruce it up a bit. If you are just looking to use what you have outdoor furniture wise, but are still wanting to hit the refresh button and not break the bank, keep things simple and think about what you can do to add to your outdoor space. Just like the interior of the house, layering accessories can really create that extra wow factor. For example, if you don't have that outdoor rug we suggested above, we would strongly urge you consider it. They really do help bind the whole patio space together and definitely easy on the feet, turning up the volume on the cozy factor. Another money saving trick is just tossing out your old throw pillows and adding in some new ones with different colorways. Changing the colors on throw pillows and blankets can switch things up with a very small price tag. And don't forget the spring cleaning in places like your flower pots and herb gardens to make them appear brand new again. Have fun creating your own little oasis for those big summer plans!