Displaying Collections with Style and Restraint (Or, How Not to Look Like a Hoarder!)

Whether you collect vintage coins, straw hats, heart-shaped rocks, or anything else on earth, you probably want to corral your treasures in an attractive, efficient fashion. The idea here is to create impact without looking like a hoarder, and that requires a certain finesse. At JAC Interiors, we feel that you can achieve maximum impact by grouping collections all together, in a singular fashion for a singular sensation. In fact, even if your collection is of something old, displaying the collection all together creates a grand gesture which is actually a very modern idea. But, and here's the main caveat, showcase the display in an interesting way, not in your grandmother's curio cabinet. Get creative and bring some fresh life into whatever you collect so you don't look like a hoarder!

The secret is in the styling of the arrangement – but that's not always something that's easy to get across in words. So, we've come up with a gallery of beautiful ideas to help you display your collectibles stylishly, no matter what you love. As an interior design firm working with high end residential projects, we have seen our fair share of collections gone bad, or rather, collections strewn out throughout a home, losing the impact of a large grouping. One of our favorite mottos is "frame everything"! Individually framing each flat (or nearly flat) item in a collection — butterflies, concert tickets, pressed flowers, coins – allows you to slowly add to your collection over time while still uniting it.

Even if you're thinking, "but I don't collect anything", I bet you do. Look around, I'm sure you have many memorable family photos and art pieces you've collected throughout the years. Presto - a ready made collection! And to be honest, personal touches are what makes a house a home, and nothing does that quite as well as family photos and artworks. But finding ways to incorporate a photo display into an interior design can sometimes prove challenging. JAC loves putting these photo collections to good use by incorporating them into a large photo gallery, almost anywhere in your home, in a linear direction down a hallway, or from floor to ceiling- its all good and super impactful. An over-the-top photo or art display is always a good idea!

If you have an interesting grouping of small items maybe try corralling them in beautiful glass vessels. You can use anything from antique apothecary jars to streamlined modern glass vases or even mason jars to show off your efforts. Also, if your collection is colorful, try sorting the items by color in a grouping in the center of your dining table or mantle or kitchen shelves. On the other hand, go all rainbow and in order with the color wheel for massive effect. This way of uniting your collection is a great way to add some order no matter how disparate. So, maybe the collection you have is simply random red objects found around your home and placed all together to show off your affinity for red!
When in doubt as to how to assemble and coordinate your so called collection, CLUSTER! This works for almost anything. Think blue and white plates, or baskets or platters and so on. Luckily we live in an era when hats have made a big comeback, and we all know they are tricky to store in our closets, so the best way to showcase and also for practicality reasons, overlapping clusters on a wall are the perfect arrangement. The beauty of this display style is that it can easily be added to while maintaining its elegance.
Same goes with your scarf collection (and you thought you didn't have a collection). An organic collection of draping scarves in your bedroom as a wall treatment can make it easy to decorate and also easy to grab-and-go. And in the Covid-19 era, quick access to a scarf (or even that face mask collection) can be just the thing for our social distancing etiquette while staying chic both inside and outside the house. Having them all at hand means they are always available and they serve as an ultra personal wall hanging.