Easy ways to create rooms with personality

If you are wanting some easy ways to create rooms with personality, and reflect who you are versus the furniture store where you purchased your sofa and chairs, we are here to help. I admit that we all want our homes to feel modern and relate to current trends somewhat, but at the end of the day, your home really only needs to appeal to you. It should feel distinctly yours. Below are a few ideas on how to create one of a kind spaces in your own home. Read them over and consider incorporating one or two of them into your next design. After all, there’s no reason not to celebrate who you are. Creating a gallery wall is one of the oldest and best tricks in the book to add personality to your home. There are so many reasons to love gallery walls that it’s hard to choose just one. From an art lovers perspective there’s just something irresistible about showcasing so much of your collection in one group. The end result will say a lot about you—and to you. And gallery walls are an ideal way to bring in whatever your room might need, whether it’s color, pattern, or personality. And of course, once you start to get the hang of this multifaceted technique, the opportunities are close to endless. Throw up a mix of movie posters or concert promotion prints, personal travel photos and momentos to vintage artwork and kids self-portraits and voila - suddenly your living room wall has oodles of a one-of-a-kind personality profile that's all about you! Your personality and style can speak right through your collections, so let it shine. Highlighting your hobbies is an easy way to infuse some personality into your living spaces. However, we’d advise resisting the urge to lean too heavily on a theme. Rather than building the whole room around your passion, simply incorporate these items into the design. That said, whatever your hobby-centric items may be, give them positions of importance, maybe even make one your focal point. Playing with patterns can also be a way of showing off your daring side. Bold prints and a solid option for those looking to make their interiors a little bit more personalized. Like people, no two patterns are exactly alike, and there are countless options to choose from. Most of the time patterns are often included in accessories like throw pillows or pieces of wall art. However, that’s not to say that you couldn’t make a stronger statement by choosing something like a bathroom tile or kitchen backsplash in a wild or modern bohemian pattern. Playing with textures is also a way of showing your personality, no subtlety necessary. At JAC, a Los Angeles interior designer, we love the current trend of open shelving, and the fun starts when you can style those shelves, whether they are in the kitchen or bath, dining room or living room. Again the possibilities are endless and just look around your home for any collection you might have but maybe don't even realize you have, like pottery, or feathers, or same colored vases etc. Once you group them all together somewhere they are suddenly much more impactful than they are alone. Give some of these style tricks a try!