Get California Style in Your Space!

California coastal design style is made up of many design looks, from iconic Mid Century Design in places like Palm Springs, to beach front living in Malibu, to the timeless Spanish Mediterranean architecture found throughout the Golden State. But a few things we know for sure: it's definitely coastal, casual and incorporates outdoor living. At JAC Interiors we like to think of Cali home style as bringing in colors and textures of the mountains, ocean and fauna in creative ways. We aim to infuse decor with natural materials and textures like driftwood, sisal rugs, and raw woods that can bring a sense of the outside indoors. But California casual decorating style can also be luxe, in a relaxed and user friendly kind of way, or at least we try to exude that feel through our interiors. Taking risks and being playful is all a part of our design MO. Cali style can be as simple as mimicking the oceans' tranquility by choosing a palette inspired by colors found in nature, or even just tone on tone shades of one color, like the ocean and seascape. Using a restrained palette with the basics like your big furniture pieces, then adding in pops of color in art and throw pillows is always easy on the eye but timeless too. Contrasting wild nature and smooth architecture as well as architectural furniture makes for a great design ethos. The heartbeat of coastal modern home decor is eclectic and feeds off of joining different but cohesive vibes together to make an interesting and unique whole. In other words, yes we still love mid century furnishings, but only if they are mixed with a bit of bohemian and industrial style. The sum of all these bits from different eras makes the entirety more pleasing. We love curvy funishings at the moment, trendy and gracious in their form which mimics the California coastline. Just an FYI, California does get cold from time to time, and we need to throw on our parkas every now and then and dress in layers. So too in our homes, we need to layer up our spaces to warm them up. At JAC Interiors we LOVE using natural and faux hides in our designs, like sheepskin throw rugs and cowhides to pile on the textures and add visual interest. It's the mixture of textures, materials, metals and design inspirations that combine to present a modern view of the Cali aesthetic.