How to Decorate with Mirrors

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: mirrors are one of our favorite accessories, they're almost as common as wall paint! They come in all shapes and sizes and styles and bring a little bit of glamour to every room of the house. Best of all, they manage to make any space look bigger and brighter. Here are some of our best tips on how to decorate with mirrors, especially incorporating it into our latest living room designs. Of course, we all have mirrors in our house. But are you using yours to your best advantage? A well-placed mirror can work wonders in your space both indoors and out! We love to include a mirror in our living room design tips and inspiration. Lighten up a hallway or entry space with a well placed floor mirror decorating idea. You definitely need to check out your image before walking out that door which is why mirrors of any kind are ubiquitous at front doors. Mirrors at the front door can also set the stage- so to speak -as to your design personality and aesthetic. As soon as a guest enters they immediately get a sense of your style - be it modern or old school vintage, a mirror can speak volumes. Make a room appear larger by placing a mirror where it can make any space feel less cramped by tricking the eye into thinking the room is doubled or extended. You can use a mirror hung on the wall, or a leaning mirror or even decorating with an arched mirror on top of a table or console surface. The idea is to create a point of light and reflection that helps a space seem to expand. Fill your space with light by situating a mirror across from a window or sliding glass door which amplifies the natural light. The reflection of light will bounce off the room at all times of day and even at night with the aid of light from lamps or sconces nearby. Create a focal point by hanging a large mirror or even a collection of mirrors on a wall that you would like to highlight. This will emphasis one area in a room which the eye is naturally drawn to and will help create a sense of harmony and cohesion in a space. Almost every room needs a focal point and if there is not a natural one like a fireplace you can easily create one with mirrors. It's easy enough to place a large mirror over a console and presto: focal point!