Inspiring Office spaces

For most of us, getting our home office up-to-snuff in terms of a good design is something that never happens since we are so focused on doing actual work there! But we should dream and maybe even lay down some plans for a home office makeover. Your home office can be a sanctuary, a retreat, and a place guaranteed to produce productivity, if done correctly. So many factors play into home office interior design ideas, from the size and storage capacity to the decor and lighting options. And of course whatever your specific needs are that are important to you and your productivity. We searched for some of the most innovative modern home office interior design ideas and compiled a list of inspirations that are JAC approved. At JAC, we love thinking about office interior design tips and about the idea of using your office as an opportunity to really let your personality shine through. Your home office can relate to the rest of your house but can also strike out on it's own on design wise. Use your desk as a staging area for accessories that make your heart sing! Choose wallpaper or paint as a ceiling treatment and that really makes a statement. Of course we know that your lighting needs to be general and targeted for a better work environment, but have some fun with it: use floor lighting, table lamps and overhead lighting with personality that show off your playful side. Whether your designing from scratch or just claiming a small corner in your home, go for broke so that you actually want to spend more time there! After all, it's your office, tailor it after your dream office!