Interior Design Style: What's your style?

Defining your ideal interior design style guide can be difficult. Are you eclectic, classic or a mixture of the two? Maybe you've got a real thing Scandinavian style or lusting after some industrial design? Contemporary or vintage? Which color palettes will you feel most comfortable with in your home? If you’ve ever struggled to narrow down your interior design style, JAC is here to help you zero in on your real design style types and get you on track! Take a look at these below photos of modern interior design styles and see what you are most attracted to. It's usually an instantaneous feeling. Inspired by the snow, mountains and fjords of the Nordic countries, Scandi interiors are proving enduringly popular across the globe. This timeless interior style works beautifully in living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. Layer wools, fabrics and fur onto a glass or wooden framework for an effortlessly cool Nordic interior. Think pared back cosiness, clean lines and plenty of texture. It’s time to embrace the Danish idea of Hygge – our love affair with Scandi style is set to stay.
Modern eclectic interior design style borrow ideas from a range of different periods, styles and trends. Break the rules, have a little fun and inject your personality into your decorating – that’s what the eclectic style is all about. Still, it is important to maintain a sense of balance within your decorating. The very best eclectic interiors are a cohesive blend of old, new, color, texture and pattern.
The Madison Club - Interiors by JAC Interiors Photos by Pablo Enriquez
From steel and stone to bricks and brass – industrial interior style is all about raw, exposed materials. Introduce metal fixtures or stripped back floorboards for a subtle but effective nod to the industrial trend. Statement lights are often a feature of industrial interiors and are particularly important for softening an otherwise cold space. Let your color palette be guided by the raw materials used for a truly authentic industrial look.
The Madison Club - Interiors by JAC Interiors Photos by Pablo Enriquez
Far from old-fashioned, vintage interior styling can be incredibly versatile. Whether you’re after a look that is charming and pretty or retro and edgy, adding some key vintage pieces can help you bring the room together. The best vintage interiors avoid looking overly twee by keeping clutter to a minimum. A vintage cabinet or storage unit is a fabulous way to update your interior in a stylish but practical way. Open shelves allow you to get creative with your styling, and can proudly showcase any books, trinkets or vintage accessories.
The minimalist trend started in the early twentieth century and continues to pervade many aspects of modern life, interior design included. Initially influenced by the simplicity of Japanese design, minimalism works on the principle that less is more. Minimalist interiors are stripped down to their essential elements and empty space is left to make the design statement. Use colors sparingly in minimalist rooms, the idea is not to distract or detract from its simplicity. Black, white and primary colors are often regarded as best for a minimalist space.
The contemporary interior style is current, modern, and constantly evolving. The fluidity of contemporary interior design is particularly exciting – what is considered a contemporary interior now will likely change over the course of the twenty-first century. Today, contemporary interiors feature clean, unadorned spaces. Furniture tends to show exposed legs to create a feeling of space. Metals and glass are popular contemporary materials and intricate details are kept to a minimum.