Kid's Room Wallpaper Ideas

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Its no surprise that JAC has a crush on wallpaper, but did you also know we feel the same way about designing kids rooms? Creating an inspiring space for little minds is not only a treat, its a privilege. There are few boundries to where our creativity will take us and we love to amplify this with wall coverings. There are a few JAC inspired routes you can take when picking a wallpaper for your child’s room. If you are more mild mannered, opt for a subtle small scale print that is age neutral. Steer clear of anything too trendy, too bold or too character driven. But this doesn’t mean boring, think more sophisticated whimsy. This will save you time and money in the future while giving you the flexibility to add color and personality through accessories and art for those ever changing little opinions.

Another way to attack this mega design decision is to harness this adventure, take the plunge and choose something really big and bold. Try on one wall to start and perhaps paint the others with an accent paint, which is impactful and no too busy, especially for a smaller space. Single mural walls are very cool and don't forget the ceiling, it can make a fun statement when wallpapered too. If you stick to one accent wall, in 5 years when little Sammy is over jungle animals, you only have one wall to strip and repurpose. When going bold with the walls, keep the furniture and bedding simple and neutral but add pops of corresponding color with toys, books, pillows, rugs and seating.

JAC is a big fan of this bird on a branch pattern. See how we used it in another color way below in one of our Santa Monica Projects. One of JACs favorite little girls room projects that really let us harness the power of Tiffany's blue. For a closer look at more of our kids room designs, click here Another way to approach this wallpaper game is to think in simple patterns and geometrics. Simple formations in bold colors and in large or small repeating patterns are modern, very cool, can carry a child into mini adulthood with ease. It can also be gender neutral for future room swapping and also eases the worry of the resale factor.