Kitchen Backsplashes That Stand the Test of Time

Kitchen backsplashes designs can make or break a kitchen design. The options are limitless and it's SO important to get right so that your kitchen has its own personality but also stands the test of time. Going too trendy and you will wish you hadn't. Going too dull has the opposite effect! Below are some thoughts JAC feels might help in your decision making when considering your kitchen backsplash ideas. We love the look and feel of handmade and organic materials in the kitchen particularly for a backsplash. With handmade tiles there's variation with each piece, therefore creating a depth that's often missing with a more unified, factory made tile. If the kitchen backsplash tile looks like it was handmade in the back of a chateau in France, it should work well and give an artisan look to your kitchen interior design. Handmade tiles are of course always more pricy than off the rack tiles, but we think worth the investment.

However, we are also firm believers that there is nothing more timeless than a white subway tile. If that feels too safe, an easy solution is to change the tile size to be a little smaller or a little longer than a standard subway. At JAC, a Los Angeles interior designer, we sometimes use a much bigger subway tile size, one that even copies the look of a simple concrete block but in a limestone feel. Again, this is a modern style that harkens back to the origins of building materials and is always a classic with a french twist.

Taking the color from a bright white to a cream or an off-white is another way to slightly adjust this classic backsplash. Even in a grey or matte black, this timeless tile can be a classic way to add some boldness to your design.

On the other hand, using the same marble or quartz or whatever counter top material you have on the counter to act as a backsplash is also a minimal way to add some movement with a grouted tile. A beautiful marble counter and backsplash is a classic look that will withstand the test of time. It lends itself to so many different styles ranging from ultra-modern to traditional, no matter what your design aesthetic.


At JAC, we like being luxe with whatever you material choice for the backsplash, be it slab or tile, take it all the way to the bottom of your upper cabinets. If no upper cabinets; a minimum of 18 inches of splash should be operating procedure. Or take it all the way up the wall and over a window for a truly luxe look.

If you're looking for some real style, think out of the box shapes and sizes for the backsplash tile. So think hex and octagon shapes. Also concrete backsplashes with pattern on them work well too and are definitely all the rage with the current boho look, they can be full full of graphic punch but timeless too.