Laundry Room Luxury

When it comes to JAC's favorite chic laundry room decor ideas, there are four design basics that all of the rooms in this roundup have in common. All of these efficient laundry room designs utilize simple home decor and have the essential elements in close proximity, not more than a step or two away from one another.
In order to easily transfer wet clothes from washer to dryer, stack appliances or put them side by side, directly in front of utility hookups. Front-loading stackable washers usually clean better and more efficiently than top-loading machines and offer more design flexibility. Front-loading machines can be stacked with a dryer to save floor space, or topped with a counter for a work space. Depending on your design style, industrial to cottage chic, make your laundry room reflect your design aesthetic AND be a work horse! When creating a small laundry room design, it’s important to allow enough space in front of the machines to easily fill and empty them. Space to stack baskets or keep bins out of the way, but within easy reaching distance is ideal. Wall cubicles, floating shelves, baskets and clothes bars are all good storage options in a laundry room. Be sure to add a dirty laundry sorting system to save time when doing laundry. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of three dirty laundry bins for white, light and colors or dark clothing. If you must do your own laundry, make it easy on yourself! When designing for small spaces, for ease and efficiency, store detergent, dryer sheets, and other laundry essentials and supplies in closed cabinets or open shelving, above or next to appliances. And of course a work surface for sorting, treating, and folding clothes is another essential. With front-loading appliances placed side by side, a counter on top of the machines is an easy way to save space. A counter above the machines also stops clothes from falling in and behind the washer or dryer. Laundry rooms are a modern convenience that can be pretty too, make yours an appealing place to spend a little time. Happy wash day!