Look up now! (Ceiling Treatments)

For the most part in todays design world, we think of ceilings as just a part of the normal architecture of a space, nothing too fancy or, pardon the pun, "over the top". But, in the start of construction history, ceiling ideas were usually designed or decorated with fresco painting or mosaic tiles, trying to replicate certain events in the past or some sort of symbolism. Now of course ceiling decorating ideas are much less ornate in general but there are still some fantastic options to make your ceiling stand out from the rest. Here are some of JAC's favorites.... One of the more modern and trendy ways to upgrade your ceiling without too much pomp and circumstance is by using either reclaimed wood or tongue and grove stained to your choice of color. In combination with varying heights in the ceiling and drywall, the result can be dramatic and lend visual interest like above. On an outdoor deck, a unique ceiling idea is a wood ceiling which can accentuate the outdoors to good effect like below.  Even when this living room below is painted all white and showcases its contemporary glory, it still gives off an industrial charm because of the casement windows, exposed beams and trusses which serve as track lighting for modern lighting treatment. If you want to know how to make your ceilings look higher, paint the walls and ceiling white!  Below for a modern kitchen upgrade the entire ceiling is painted white but with a giant spider-like chandelier it stands out as an homage to an eclectic design. Upgrading your ceiling can be as easy as a few gallons of paint and some seriously cool lighting.  And of course one of the classic ways to upgrade your space is to put in a coffered ceiling.There are many ways to achieve this look, but I prefer a straight grid like below. It will give any space a more genteel feel.   And of course last on our short list but not least is the abundant opportunities flat, drywalled ceilings bring for wallpapers! What a fun and relatively inexpensive way to bring some style and whimsy into your home, in nearly any room. Check out the below pictures of some of our favorite ceiling wallpapers and just try to resist the urge to wallpaper your own ceilings!