JAC Approved Loveshack: Valentine's Day Inspired Interiors

Romantic valentine's day themed bedrooms shouldn't be reserved for one day a year! We want to share some JAC approved modern valentine's day decor and design inspiration for a year-round sultry vibe. All the deep red tones and cozy textures in this bedroom are to die for whether you have a significant other or not. We also can't resist the anti-valentine sentiment for those of us who don't have that special someone on this day for lovers. This neon sign adds playfulness and charm to any room and neon so red-hot at the moment. We LOVE this JAC approved space! The texture of the red velvet mixed with neutral tones and textures and fresh plants really make this room stylish, sexy and cozy. Using art as a pop of color is always a good idea! This JAC Interiors space with the red lips 'kiss' in the art really transform this neutral bedroom into a sexy boudoir. Lips lips lips... this neutral space uses playful pops of red and whimsical pieces to add drama. The modern space and grey tones keep it balanced and modern. And our favorite color crush on blush is this beautiful bedroom! The watercolor wallpaper adds that pop of color and femininity juxtaposed against black, white & neutral pieces. A great balance like in any good relationship! Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at JAC Interiors!