How to Make Your Bedroom Sleep Friendly

There are people who consider the bedroom as the most sacred area in a home, because it’s a place of retreat where people rest and recharge. It plays an important role in replenishing your energy every day, which is why the environment should be comfortable and conducive for sleep. From a design perspective, JAC interiors knows there are many elements that can make a bedroom more sleep-friendly, such as adding a touch of nature. JAC Interiors recently discussed why plants are all the rage in millennial homes, because they help the generation with the highest portion of the workforce alleviate stress from the industrial world. In that regard, there are certain plants you can place in the bedroom because of their sleep-inducing qualities. Lavender is usually the top choice, since its aroma is known to promote relaxation and reduce stress hormones. The colors of a room should also be considered because they set the tone and mood for the entire space. In general, experts say that every color has a psychological impact. If you feel stressed or are particularly emotional when you are in a certain area, it may be due to the room’s hues. The Spruce mentioned a study that showed why babies tend to cry more often in a yellow room, most likely because the color can provoke anxiety.

On the flipside, there are ideal colors for the bedroom as well. Leesa points to blue and white as great for bedrooms, because the former is considered a calming color often associated with concepts like water, sky, trustworthiness, and stability. Meanwhile, the latter usually invokes a sense of lightness, cleanliness, and clarity. When combined, they give off a feeling as if you’re floating on a cloud. Cool shades in general are more conducive for sleeping, because they influence your brain and body to slow down, helping you fall asleep easier. Warmer hues like red may induce excitement and increase alertness, causing the opposite effect on sleep.

Of course, there are always exceptions, considering that there are people who find comfort in certain colors. For instance, red might be linked personally to a happy memory that could incite relaxation.

Aside from the colors, you may want to check your bed. It’s not just the centerpiece of the room, but also the place where you’ll spend most of your time. Sleep Junkies suggest reviewing your mattress and sheets, as they should be suited to your body’s preferences. For instance, an ideal mattress supports your body and the way you prefer to sleep. However, if it is over a decade old, it may not be as comfortable as it used to be. The sheets on the other hand, should be made from a material of your liking, whether it’s silk or cotton. Make sure as well that you aren’t allergic to the materials used. In reality, there are a lot of factors that can disrupt your sleep. Although, if you implement an effective and chic bedroom design, you can eliminate the environment as one of the culprits. Overall, the simpler the elements, the more comfortable the room. For more interior design tips, check out other topics on JAC Interiors’ blog section.