How to Make your Low Ceiling Seem High!

We all love large, spacious rooms with plenty of space, light and air around us, but our home reality is often very different. If you are not lucky enough to live in an expansive old building or a newish modern home, you often have to settle for low ceilings that make each room look narrower and smaller particularly if your dwelling is in a densely populated city. But, JAC Interiors believes that by using these low ceiling design tricks and tools, you can learn how to make a low ceiling appear higher, thus contributing to a freer, more friendly and generous aesthetic.
One of the easiest ways to broaden your low ceiling space and is a great low ceiling kitchen idea is just by choosing the right colors. This helps bring the ceiling up and visually opens up the possibilities. In fact even if the ceilings are NOT low, our fist go-to trick to lighten and brighten any space is to paint the entire shell white. White conveys the look and feel of a museum or art gallery and will serve to freshen up just about any 'ole space, no matter the size. If white feels too sterile, think about painting in light shades, such as a soft cream or even delicate pastel shades, as they open the room visually, reflect the light better and keep the ceiling feeling farther away. 
If you're lucky enough to have decent sized windows in your place, make sure you dress them to their best advantage. Always use drapes that go all the way to the floor if you have windows that go to the floor. And be sure to let as much light shine in as possible to enhance the feeling of height -you should hang floor-length curtains, as high up on the wall as possible. In addition, transparent curtains also allow the room to appear more airy and light, which really detracts from a claustrophobic ceiling.  Similar to windows, mirrors are a great small space design trick and have a brightening effect, so the bigger the better. Large over scale mirrors will act like windows by bouncing around the light and can be decorative, vintage or streamlined and modern. They can be adhered to the wall, or simply leaned up against the wall for a more casual effect, all of which help the ceilings feel taller. Art also helps to enhance a space and play with its dimensions. For example, narrow and high frames will definitely emphasize the vertical aspect of a room and if you place a few works on the wall, a little higher than usual, the altered eye-line will give the impression of more height. The eye wants to feel balanced and cohesive and light filled, so if you use some of these basic tricks, your low ceiling space will become a wondrous beauty filled sanctuary!