Modern Kids Playrooms

Kids room interior design is always fun to tackle, based on the fact that we are creating a place of pure joy for a child to thrive in. With play spaces you have a lot more freedom in color and accessories and you can really let the imagination run wild. But, that’s only half the battle. Underneath the aesthetics, this room also needs to be functional. A well-done playroom should be able to hold their attention and all their toys, while still seeming put together. Achieving all of these things in one space is not easy.Keeping in mind safety, storage, inspiration and practicality, here are a few great spaces that any kid would be lucky to spend their free time in and any Los Angeles interior designer would love to create.

Kids tend to hop from one activity to another so its always a good idea, and often a necessity to plan separate activity areas for the kids to play in. Simply put, that means putting together spaces that are each geared toward a specific purpose, like a reading nook or ping pong table. You could also consider adding a table for arts and crafts or a media center with a TV that’s perfect for watching videos. A chair that swings from the ceiling is always a big hit with the under 15 crowd (actually a big hit with the adults in the room too!).

No playroom should ever be bland, but there’s nothing worse than the idea of redesigning one from top to bottom only to have your child tell you that their tastes have completely changed. Save yourself the headache — and the cash — by bringing lots of color into the room through the accessories you choose. That way, you can swap them out fairly easily as your child matures. wallpaper is even a good idea, as its easily removed and changed as the kids grow.

I know that the definition of “accessories” is pretty broad. Consider mixing and matching different colors and patterns through textiles. Throw rugs, pillow covers and blankets are also great places to start. However, larger items like wall art and lamps could also play a role.

When creating these areas, be sure to keep all the items they’ll need for the activity within arm’s reach. Not only will doing so help you keep things more organized but it will also encourage the little ones to stay focused on the task at hand.

JAC designed this space for a special little client. We incorporated great storage solutions, bold accent walls and tons of practical and comfortable style.

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