Monochromatic Mania- tone on tone design

Monochromatic interior design is having a moment and this strikingly simplistic approach to color is addictive for so many reasons. The drama created with a super simple color palette can be magical and dynamic and calming all at once. If you think about it, monochrome tones are restful, timeless and super practical. By restricting your color palette, you can freely experiment with mixing pieces from different eras, add patterns and layer-in texture. As in the picture above, any number of eclectic objects can exist together, inexpensive things can be paired with higher end items and the combo comes off as an overall more sophisticated look. When JAC sees paired down pallets in any room of the house, we are compelled to pledge some decorating devotion to black, white, and every shade of gray. Although don't be fooled, actually even the colors in between when done in a monochromatic fashion can create the biggest jaw dropping glamour anywhere. Tone on tone interior design doesn't mean giving up the rainbow and many top interior designers are doing it! Note in the photo below that the entire shell is the same hue, walls, ceiling and floor too, but its seems bursting with vibrancy and attitude due to the mix of furnishings and art throughout. In this photo below, the walls and furnishings are all saturated in a very close color way or blush tones with pops of neutral on the floor and in the art. Lets also look at some subtler ways to incorporate this trend in your rad pad. Just think of it like this: If it's all neutral, then it all works together. It might take a bit of discipline at first, but once you begin editing your color palette, choices become simple. All that time spent trying to combine different colors in different patterns throughout the house to create a cohesive feel are over, particularly if you're too nervous to really commit to one overall hue. And if that's the case, then white as a base color is always a good choice. White is super peaceful and restorative, think spa-like. It can enhance your architecture and make it stand out even in a box! Practically everything looks better against a white background: furniture literally looks like its dancing on top of any white or light floor, and white and its related shades of pale seem to enlarge everything. In a room with white walls try mixing in black accents as an instant game changer, its actually a fool proof formula. Add in some black and white photography or art and a few scattered lamps will be an instant impact that works! W