Pillow Talk-Styling with Pillows

We could seriously talk pillows for days on end, let's get real. They are the magic sprinkle of personality and pop of fun that tops off any project. These puffy accessories allow us to play with pattern, shape, size, color and texture until our hearts are content. Here's a little JAC lesson on how to layer our favorite comfort accessory.

The most obvious place for seriously strong pillow game, is in the bedroom. Now, there is a method to the pillow madness on one's bed. Typically you start big and layer forward smaller and smaller, which makes perfect sense since what's the use in displaying a fab pillow if you cover it up with something else, duh. Start with one to three Euros (26"-36" square), whatever the width of your bed will allow, stack a king or standard (20"x 28"-36") in front of those, then prop one to three pretty accents (18"-16" square or rectangle) at the very front. You can go totally symmetrical with your formation or create a cluster of your smaller favorites in the front. OR you could do what JAC loves and lay a fabulous long lumbar at the front to tie it all together and make it really sophisticated and modern.

For one of our desert homes we had this custom lumbar made for a guest bedroom which pulled in the pretty pinks of the ottomans and just really finished this bed nicely. For a closer look at this project and others, click here.

The next most suitable room for playful pillows is in the living room. Fill the crevices of your couch with strategically placed pillows. Start in the corners with your biggest and then build out towards the center. Change up the size and shape as you do, but be careful not to go too overboard. Remember, you still need room for bodies on there. Accessorize your lounger with a long and low little guy or toss an over sized cushion on the floor for even more stylish comfort. We have previously talked about the rules with playing with color and pattern, but just as a refresher, keep colors complimentary and no more than 3-5 patterns in the entire space.

The blue patterned accent pillows with those blue velvet swivel chairs! I mean, come on. JAC hits it out of the park here. Contact us today for a little or a lot of help building your dream space.

If you're really lucky, you have bonus spaces for pillows, like a built in window seat, kitchen nook or even on an entry or hallways bench. Never neglect the lumbar or leave a space without a little pop of pouf. Sometimes one or two is all you need.

Dont forget the outdoors! Pillow power knows no boundaries and nothing draws a crowd outside like some cozy seating for you and your guests.