Power Office Design-Modern Boss Sanctuary

The home office can be one of two things; a torture chamber that illicits painful guttural feelings when you walk by it on the weekends. A place where all your odd unwanted furniture has just happened to land and has been left to die. A sad setting for long arduous hours of staring at your computer, where you'll find any excuse to not be. Or, it can be a modern eclectic design sanctuary, a bright collection of your thoughts, passions and creativity, a place to let it all out and to make some serious life decisions. An proper office is a meeting place for your colleagues and occasionally family and above all should be an organized, personalized productive environment. How does one differ from the other? One word, decor.

All offices no matter how big or small need the same elements: A work space, storage, seating, lighting and personality. Let's walk through each element and take a look at how impactful these few elements can be to your space and really make you enjoy going to work again.

This may be totally obvious, but I'm going to say it anyways. You need, need, need some sort of desk top work space, whether that is a full on desk or just a clean ledge for your computer to live. It makes no difference, as long as its available, its clutter free and you can pull a chair up to it and sit up straight like a boss.

Buy a proper desk chair, because goodness, you're doing a lot of sitting while your taking over the world, one email at a time, and that chair needs to be supportive as well as good looking. Not to mention your power desk will look pretty silly without a chair behind it.

Storage! If you can swing it, built in book cases are invaluable, but you can also pull off the same polished looked and function with a free standing modular shelving unit or a really pretty console. You need a place to display you accolades, favorite books, family photos, favorite art pieces, store your printer and files. Organization will keep your mind together and your work efficient, and the pretty art and accessories will keep you inspired.

Lighting! Task lighting, floor lighting, overhead lights, sconces, you name it. Being able to control the light in a room means controlling the mood. Also staring into a computer screen in a dark room is not only bad for your eyes but a sad setting for anyone. This idea encompasses window treatments as well. Being able to block out and frame natural light is key to overall ambiance.

Sprinkle in a bold rug, some inspiring art pieces, and if you have the space, additional seating for your guests, and you my friends have a chic work space that you are happy to call your own and can't wait to clock in for.

For your viewing pleasure, how amazing is this home office JAC did for one of our desert home designs. I mean, talk about office heaven!