Sell Your House Fast

JAC loves working with people so their home can be ready to be sold, and we have also worked with plenty of realtors to prepare a house to be market ready. While there are so many important aspects to getting your home up to snuff to sell, we have realized through the years that one of the most important basics to sell your house fast is with the right realtor. A top realtor will know the best way to price your home for your location, will be able to assess the condition of your property and advise how to best make it stand out in a crowd of homes. In this day and age a realtor will most likely suggest that you stage your property with a staging company, but you can also "set the stage" with your own furnishings for a good effect. As designers we are often called in after the house has been sold, and asked to address issues that could have benefited the prior owner and/or could have increased the sales price. Here are some tips to sell your home that if you utilize beforehand will help maximize price and get your house sold. In terms of thinking about if your home is really market ready, ask yourself if the space feels fresh, airy, and as appealing as possible. If the kitchen and baths are dated, renovating is always advisable as those are the first places people are looking for value. If remodeling is not an option, then a fresh paint job is recommended, or at least a bright white on the ceilings to create the feeling of more space and light. Remember that accentuating the good features in your home is always key. In other words, if there's good light, make sure the window coverings are not heavy or fussy. Maybe even consider removing them all together to allow the light to shine through. If it’s your floors that shine, make sure the rugs are off or limited to just a few. If your closet space and storage areas are big but stuffed, try to remove at least half the items so the depth and size can be the stars, not your old tennis accoutrement. Decluttering and depersonalizing is the way to go, its a must for would be buyers to see themselves nicely ensconced in the space, and that means little to none of your family pics and momentos hanging around. This will help them to see their personal items in the space instead and hopefully you will have a sold sign in your front yard!