How to style open kitchen shelving

Open kitchen shelving has been trendy for a while now and has loads going for it. Curating your shelves is a very modern kitchen decor trend that can certainly make your kitchen seem bigger by losing the full cabinets and just floating some of your shelves. You can also add a layer of personality to your shelves, displaying your particular brand of pretty plate ware or mugs-- but be careful to NOT over do it. You don't want mis-matched mugs or ugly refrigerator dishes messing up your kitchen shelf mojo! There are tricks to making sure your shelves look visually interesting, useful, and not cluttered. The main one is to use all your matching glasses or mugs or dishes first. If you can, buy 2 complete sets of everything you use often - mugs, glasses, plates, etc, and when one set is dirty, you always have the other set still on your shelf ready to use and looking good. The best kitchen design ideas involve your own personality and unique take on design. An important element to think about when styling your shelves is balance and specific use of color. Throw up a big soup tureen or water pitcher to balance out the height of the piled up dishes. You wont get an exact symmetry, but shoot for a cohesive and balanced look to your shelves. Try to throw in some texture with wood bowls or cutting boards stacked up. Also use color to add interest and pop, or to play up the neutrality of your kitchen color scheme. Make sure to combine sets of things with larger, more graphic pieces or even books and/or small pieces of art. You can lean cooking books or art books on the back wall of the shelf so it acts like another visual backdrop for the shelf. Adding a varying but not wholly dissimilar grouping of items helps ground the collection and takes up good real estate without being busy. Modern kitchen trends use open shelving too, it's not your grandma's kitchen shelves! The above picture offers a minimalist take on open kitchen shelving with just one linear shelf around the kitchen space. Limiting the colors of the stoneware and ceramics helps with the art of display in a modern space.