Exploring the Terrazzo Trend

The seventies may have been a bit tragic in the world of fashion and interiors for some but everything seems to be pulling us back there. The design world tends to work in cycles and this is more living proof that some trends just never die. Enter, Terrazzo! Strangely, we are totally jiving on this oldie but goodie and how its been modernized to fit the luxurious lifestyles of our Los Angeles interior design clients.

Terrazzo, the forgotten floor material is back! You probably recall this stuff from the floors of a school or government building resurrected in the 80's. It's a very hard, stone-like material, with funky chips embedded in it. Brainchild of Venetian construction workers, looking for a low-cost way to surface their terraces, they set broken bits of marble into clay and polished it smooth. Today it is comprised of varying sized chunks of marble, glass, quartz or granite in a base of concrete or epoxy resin. Much like other man made stone like materials, Terrazzo is cheaper and more durable than natural stone and has the added design elements of alternating color and shape throughout, kind of a confetti vibe.

Reengineered for the 21st century and a little less heavy on the pink and orange, Terrazzo is great for countertops, backsplashes, floors and even furniture and accessories. You have the freedom to go as bold or as neutral as you like, avoiding a lean too much towards your 90 year old Italian grandma's living room. Easy to maintain and a total throw back which makes it technically vintage and therefore a lot more interesting and a lot less of a fad, right? Either way, just another funky twist in the world of interiors that JAC has their eye on.