Transporting NYC Design/ East Coast Vintage Style

There's a real manhattan style decor movement going on right now that mirrors some of the other trends in food and travel and fashion. It combines vintage and classic pieces that have patina with modern lighting and found objects to remind us of our gentler, slower past. This look is super curated, full of texture and warmth and seems to be straight out of New York City, a very New York inspired interior design. There's a worn grit to it but also a hand made and small bathed feel that ideally requires a certain space to pull off well, but not necessarily. JAC feels it can be transported almost any where as long as you keep the bones of the space clean and white and simple and think of the details as the pop!  It's primarily all about the mix, and a certain type and and size of tile as you can see in this pic above. It ever so slightly reminds us of a simple industrial design idea. The shape and colors in this bathroom have a vintage quality about them that seems so timeless yet modern somehow with the updated sconces.  The painted wood floors above helps to create a serene and timeless backdrop for furnishings and objects that are found in your grandmas attic or at the locale flea market to very good effect. This picture is from a small one-off hotel in NYC that is providing an "experience-based" way of lodging. I think of it more as time travel! It's epic in its own small scale and quite way, but still uber stylish. Think of the band Mumford and Sons, craft beer and the farm to table restaurant which lends itself to a NYC inspired kitchen design inspiration, all designed to inspire a long lost quality of more time and space.    This NYC interior design trend is luxurious yet familiar and makes JAC want to head out to the Pasadena Rose Bowl for a morning of vintage shopping.