Trend Alert- The smooth 70's

While we may not be walking around in bell-bottoms and platform shoes, when it comes to interiors The Seventies are back and better than ever. The 70's was a time for rock 'n' roll, bold color shaggy textures, and letting your hair down. Rules were there to be broken; clashing wallpapers dominated, and seventies interior design is sneaking right back in where it came from, albeit in a more refined and toned-down way.

As a child of the 70's, I have a first-hand memory of the aesthetics of the time. In fact, I came home from school one day, to find that my mother had covered our couches in hot pink corduroy, tin foiled the walls and ceilings, and had laid a giant shag carpet rug underneath all our furniture in the family room. While we're not too keen on tin-foiled walls, there's certainly plenty to love about 70's design trends-- From playful colored earthen ware patterns to ways to decorate with indoor plants and wallpaper these are the trends that we're welcoming back into our homes.

JAC feels that many recent design trends in past years highlighted a very minimal look, like Scandinavian and mid-century themes, they were paired down and super simple. We think a return to a more glamorous, boho 70's vibe with a very modern feel is where it's at! Jewel tones mix with soft pastels to create a dreamy color palette and texture comes in the way of woven rugs, velvet, leather, tassels and fur.


The classic 70's color palette (minus the brown carpet and avocado colored kitchens) of mustard and terra cotta along with natural finishes such as timber, terrazzo, bamboo and brick are all experiencing a resurgence as people seek to embrace earthy and natural finishes in their homes to establish a connection with nature and get back to their roots. Which leads us to our next trend, indoor plants.

Indoor plants were huge in the 70s, usually seen strung up in macramé hangers or atop of decorative cane plant stands and today it's no different. While we may have left the macramé hangers back in the 70s, there's no denying that indoor plants are back in Vogue, and in a big way. Specific varieties that scream 70s style include hanging plants like ferns and devils ivy, sculptural Sansevieria and California-cool cacti and larger scale plants like rubber trees, air plants and fiddle leaf figs.

While the 70s may have given wallpaper a bad name, it's back and better than ever thanks to innovations in design that make it easy to apply (and remove). With so many amazing wallpaper designs available any style of home can embrace this retro trend without the retro look.