Unique Nursery Ideas

As the anticipation for your little one’s arrival builds, getting the baby’s room ready for his arrival will be added to your list of to-dos. And while choosing safe furniture -- cribs, changing tables and dressers -- is the top priority, who says you can’t have a little fun in the process with design and decor? Apparently as your third trimester comes into full blossom, the nesting instinct to prepare for the babys' arrival is real, not just a modern marketing gimmick, so make the best of this natural drive to plan and design the best baby room ever!

Cribs are available in just about every shape and size, from simple wooden cradles to models that convert into toddler beds. The crib is possibly the most important piece of furniture in the room, as it’s where babies spend the majority of their time. It should be safe, supportive, and durable enough to last through the entirety of early infancy.


While not all parents choose to invest in a changing table it can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping a nursery clean and orderly. For nurseries with limited space, a portable changing top can be placed on top of any cabinet or table to turn it into a working changing table instantly.


Babies aren’t the only ones who spend plenty of time in the nursery during their early months. Parents also frequent the room, and it’s important to have a place for mom or dad to relax as they feed, read, and play. Chairs, sofas and rocking chairs all make good seating choices. Middle of the night feedings mean mommy (or daddy!) will want comfort at the top of the list.

As your child grows, so does their collection of clothes and toys. It’s important to include plenty of space for storage in any nursery so that you can keep up with gifts for birthdays, holidays, and doting grandparents. Reading books to your newborn is key to their development and you'll want storage for them, sometimes displayed in a way that is easily seen. Eventually your toddler will want to pick out their bedtime reading so make sure the books are readily accessible for them to choose from, like a wall book case.


The right layout can make any nursery feel comfortable and cozy, regardless of budget or space constraints. There are a couple of essential elements that can be found in any well-designed nursery like flooring and decor. Flooring can help to bring a room together, and choosing the right material is critical to completing any nursery design. Carpeting seems to be the most popular, either wall to wall or laid over a hardwood. We love to layer rugs with cozy sheep skins and all things furry. There is a lot of "floor time" you'll be sharing with your baby, so make sure its comfortable.

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Babies are visual creatures and a stimulating environment can help them to learn and develop as they grow from infant to toddler. In a nursery, decor should match the general color scheme of the room, perhaps add bright accents to neutral tones. You can add wall art, stuffed animals, patterned wallpapers, and more to make a nursery more enjoyable. At JAC we are big fans of wallpaper, either on just one accent wall like behind the crib or even all over for a more full on effect. At JAC Interiors one of our favorite things is helping design a baby or kids room, so reach out if you need help!