Ways to Decorate with Barn Doors

 Exterior barn door designs are not just for barns anymore and they aren't just a fall design trend. The farmhouse design trend fits well within the modern eclectic design style which is so strong right now, barn doors design ideas can be a fantastic way to add in a design style that is tried and true and making new headlines. The kicker here is that whatever your design aesthetic, you can add a sliding barn door to the mix and really whip up the wow factor. And with so many advances in the barn door decorative hardware, barn doors have become decidedly modern and stylish.   Barn doors come with both functional and aesthetic benefits. Functionally, they are big space savers. The traditional swinging door typically needs 9 feet or more of space to function properly and a barn door just needs the length of its space on a wall, so furniture or traffic flow in a room is much better as less space is needed for a swinging door.   There is also, of course, the aesthetics side of the barn door craze. Some barn doors have this rustic outdoorsy feel that creates a stunning contrast when indoors, but your sliding door does not have to be rustic! It can be made out of loads of materials like glass, metal, chalk board paint and shiplap to name a few. If you're into cottage style then you can use the classic barn wood configuration like a cross wood and panel effect-this is a very classic and elegant design.  

 If you're going for a modern vibe, use something in a metal or glass that reflects your aesthetic. If you're going for the modern farmhouse vibe you can try a shiplap effect to the door particularly if you're using shiplap on your walls, it will help the door and the walls blend. A lot depends on the finish of your door--a bright pop of color is super impactful, or use a variation of grey for a more modern but not contemporary feel. There are no rules here, have fun with it, and let your personality come through just as you would with your accessories in your wardrobe.  

 If you’re considering the use of barn doors in your home, think outside the box. They’re a beautiful and practical alternative to a room divider or curtain when you need to create privacy or divide open spaces. A barn door is also useful where there is plenty of wall space but a swinging door could affect the flow of the room. They can hide or reveal so much! For example, hide away your laundry closet or a pantry in the kitchen. Or try using sliding doors under a kitchen cabinet as an accent. A barn door is a great way to tuck away a TV on the entertainment wall. It's also a great solution to more traditional closet doors in a hallway and is a great alternative to regular doors and adds style to any type of taste!