Ways to Use Greenery Without Using a House Plant!

There are many benefits to adding greenery to your home. Greenery is the best way to add natural color to a space. At JAC, we like to add as many plants and succulents as we can to our interiors as they add so much depth and character and texture. But, although we love the look of live greens, some spaces we design just don’t work well for them. Whether the space or environment is too dark with no natural light or just a situation where the inhabitant travels too much and cannot water and maintain the plants, sometimes we need to think of alternative greenery home decor to add without using actual houseplants. JAC wants to share some simple ways to get greenery through art with the look of live greens in your space without the hassle of upkeep. There are many renditions of the classic Beverly Hills Hotel inspired wallpaper with the giant green leaves crawling all over it. I've seen the background in a white and light pink and a deep dark green, and they all offer a bold way to go with palm inspired wallpaper, a great all over treatment for a powder or even just an accent wall in a stairwell or bedroom. Find you color inspiration using a plant motif and your home will be filled with greenery without needing any H20. When using palm inspired textiles you can incorporate fabrics that feature natural greenery to add a pop of pattern. I love using palm inspired items like cushions, curtains, ottomans or throws and even art prints! When in doubt, or afraid to commit to a super green wallpaper or textile, go for broke with a simple palm tree cutting in a vase, it's the least you can do and has so much panache!