Winter White

Don't think you can pull off pristine white during the colder months? Winter white room designs In shades of ivory, cream, and snow, are the perfect wintery colors for every space, from the powder room to the great room. JAC loves pairing winter white decor with loads of woods and textures to rev up that hibernation mode. And of course we love how winter white spaces can create a simple backdrop for the views outside, snowy or sandy! White tends to reflect light so it sends off a wonderful energy and creates a prism of color that we are generally unaware of. We like white almost everywhere in the house, it alludes a clean and airy feeling that makes us feel relaxed and cozy. And of course JAC loves antlers whenever we can squeeze them in... When we place any furniture on a white or light colored floor, the furnishings tend to look like they are dancing, and that makes the whole house feel alive and happy, a particularly fun feel around the holidays. Layers of neutrals and off-whites can come together to create a scene that's at once dynamic and calm. Winter white does not need to be all one note either, you can create a cozy design with pops of color that still let your subtle shades be the stars like in the JAC design space below. A beautiful example of how winter white can also be modern and timeless is evident in a bathroom that JAC designed for a modern home in the desert. Adding touches of wood mixed with florals can make all the difference between serene and sterile. Rustic details contribute to the outdoors vibe of this quaint winter white design oriented family room below, with texture and natural elements as the highlights: The predominately white kitchen from our JAC designed beach house has a timeless yet cozy feel when we paired it up with classic backsplash tiles and a reclaimed wood island. The throw sheepskin furs add to the cocoon like feel even with the doors flung wide open! The white kitchen from our beverly hills project is also timeless with white floors, white lacquer modern cabinets and the classic white saarinen table. So the winter 2017 design trends is use a lot of it!