How To Halloween:Tricks and Treats for Halloween Home Design

Don’t be scared… Halloween home décor should be exciting, not frightening! Whether inside or outside, Halloween home decorating can become a fun activity for the entire family. Of course, because JAC is always mindful of the latest design trends, we’re not just going to let you run off to the nearest Party City and stock up on the same old paper skeletons and orange streamers! Instead we’ve come up with what we think are some great Halloween decorating ideas to make your house hauntingly beautiful, rather than cheap and tacky. Bring along the little ghouls and goblins and tap into your witchy side with these wicked Halloween decoration ideas.

This year Halloween is about respecting tradition while mixing it up with all the latest trends. Think Headless Horseman in a fierce millennial pink cape holding a matte black scepter, topped with just the cutest little polished chrome skull. Oh, and his JAC O’Lantern head (see what we did there?) is made of crushed velvet.

No, really! Check out how fabulous these velvet pumpkins are. You can find them in an array of colors and with prices ranging from Fleabottom to Highgarden (when is Game of Thrones coming back again?), there’s a set for any table top. Perhaps the best part about these beauties is that they will not be rotten come Thanksgiving, so you can definitely use them as part of your tablescape. Soft, pretty, multi-functional, and mess-free sounds ideal to us!

Ummmm, LOOK at these velvet mushrooms!! They may not scream Halloween, but definitely getting a fall vibe and they could marry nicely with the rest of your autumnal decor. We couldn't resist.

Speaking of mess-free and sticking with the pumpkin theme for a bit, why carve into your pumpkins and gourds, creating a monster of a mess, when you can primp them without taking a single slice?! Put your own twist on the classic JAC O’Lantern with paint and sticker sets. Treat the pumpkin like a canvas rather than a cutting board and design the surface to complement rather than clash. Keep the color palette chic and modern and stick with blacks, whites and metallics.

Cobwebs and dust are so last century. To accompany your dazzling parade of pumpkins, scatter metallic skulls and drippy candles in spooky candelabras throughout your main living and dining spaces. This will make your Halloween themed home a little less Addams Family and more chic and sophisticated.

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