Our Madison Club project was a real labor of love from the initial conception to the final finishings. JAC was honored to team up with a locally renown architect to create an award winning indoor and outdoor living space for a young family’s vacation home and we took full advantage of the visual and textural landscape to create this gem. With mountain views and desert colors to pull from we were able to create a distinctive interior palette of colors, textures and patterns to amplify the desert living experience.

Using slabs of natural stone and marble then combining them with textures found in desert hues and indigenous plants, we produced contrasts to the outside world and recreated the light play that is so intriguing in the desert. JAC also created and manufactured custom furniture pieces that reinforced the design tension of light and dark and textures to good effect as well as using modern airy lighting that feels timeless. This home exudes an elegance that befits its geography and members only location as well as a certain kind of ‘je ne sais quoi’!

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Madison Club Interior Project

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