Outdoor Spaces

The beauty of both California and Colorado is the ability to celebrate nature at almost every turn, any time of year. And JAC loves to create spaces where we can blur the divisions of where the indoor home stops and the outdoor garden starts. We also strive to create outdoor spaces that feel like they might have walls around them, from cooking spaces complete with BBQ’s to outdoor dining rooms and living rooms surrounded by textured and green landscapes that provide the backdrop to the California lifestyle the whole world loves. Lighting is also a huge part of getting any outdoor space updated and revitalized for use any time of day or night and to highlight all aspects of the outdoor spaces. We also love to add fire pits and water features to highlight varying parts of the outdoor spaces and create subtle drama to achieve a cohesive and well planned look outside, just like we do on the inside. In this way, every inch of the home both inside and out can be designed to maximize use, comfort and visual appeal.

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