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Commercial spaces should reflect the brand's identity and culture while being functional, engaging, and beautiful. At JAC Interiors, we provide commercial interior design services and implement state-of-the-art and forward-thinking interior design. 

We understand that your employees and clients need more than just an effective commercial and workplace design. They need a creative and functional place to have a great experience.

Businesses and homes have different interior design needs. While residential interior design focuses on creating livable and welcoming spaces for homeowners, the commercial design aims to elevate the style and increase functionality for a wide array of people. Our commercial interior designers will get to know your company's needs and brand identity before designing the space that fits those needs. 

Whether it's a retail space, restaurant, hotel and lounge, library, shopping mall, or anything else, it is up to our commercial interior designers to translate your vision in a great-looking and practical way. At JAC Interiors, we prioritize safety and functionality without sacrificing style. Let us plan your commercial space without sacrificing design. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!


If you are thinking about remodeling your commercial place or starting a new one, the commercial interior designers of JAC Interiors are here to help. Our team understands what a commercial space should look like and that it has to impress your employees and customers.

Your commercial interior should wow clients from the moment they enter your location, so we make all your preferences and requirements come together into a unique and usable space.


Our design-build firm works closely with contractors and architects to make critical structural decisions and ensure everything is safe and up to code. From architectural details to technological upgrades, lighting, flooring, ceiling design, and furniture, we'll define the project's scope of work, select the proper materials and oversee scheduling and budgeting. 

Here at JAC, we have the power to transform any ordinary commercial space into a vibrant one. We'll choose styles and motifs that'll suit your brand's needs and then bring them to life with the right accessories, finishes, furniture, color scheme, and artwork. By embracing and understanding the visions and preferences of your brand, we'll conceptualize and create small and large spaces that everyone, from employees to guests, will love.


Commercial space can fail if the interior is not well thought out. Our interior designers believe interior design is the art of balancing aesthetic preferences and functional needs within a single structure.

At JAC Interiors, our interior design firm strives to balance your commercial's functional needs and aesthetics so that we can enhance your brand identity. We understand that you want to get a unique space that'll represent your company's image and brand. 

That's why we'll utilize our skills, knowledge, and innovative ideas to help you attract more clients and make the work environment more pleasant for employees. 

Commercial design is all about unforgettable experiences, and we know it. Our interior design work is conceived with exquisitely executed details and attention to the employees’ and customers' needs. We ensure to do it all on time and within budget. Contact an interior designer in LA at JAC Interior to discuss your commercial projects today. 


Outdated commercial spaces may hinder your team's ability to work, collaborate, or grow. Let the commercial interior designers at JAC Interiors reimagine and reinvent your company's image and brand by transitioning your space into an innovative and successful hive of productivity.

Whether you run a hotel, office, nightclub, restaurant, or retail shop, let our commercial interior designers team up with the best architects and contractors to help you create a better interior space. 

Our close communication and interactive sessions will ensure that our interior design services showcase your brand’s personality while being functional and inviting for customers and employees alike. We guarantee that your new commercial space will be imprinted with your company's DNA. By respecting your desires, preferences, needs, timeline, and budget, we deliver a personalized design that's unique in every possible way. Contact JAC Interiors today to reinforce your company's image and create a happier environment for your team. Anything is possible with the right interior designer by your side!

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