Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach is one of Los Angeles area’s most intriguing beach towns. It has everything you would expect from a California beach scene: lots of volleyball nets, a cheerful pier, and surfers riding waves as soon as the sun rises. If you have seafood on your list of must do’s, make sure you visit the restaurant Fishing With Dynamite. Basically a neighborhood joint, this cool space and vibe is amongst the best in the South Bay, and the raw bar is unrivaled!

From shaking the sand out of your shoes to discovering local boutiques, Manhattan Beach is a mecca for surf, sun, and shopping. Enjoy a beach picnic while watching locals play volleyball or take in the sunset as you stroll along the pier. And as you might imagine
Manhattan Beach has some pretty jaw-dropping sunsets and the best place to get a front row seat is a table by the glass windows on the second floor of The Strand House, where you can gaze at nature’s rainbow with a cocktail in hand. Cheers!

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