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If you’re looking to give your space a new style, California Coastal design is the perfect fit for your Los Angeles home. Also known as California Casual style, this interior design aesthetic is one of the most popular choices.

With many architectural styles, particularly for homes with French doors, a fireplace, and wood, you can create a living space with the stylish features of coastal living to make you feel at home. All you need is an interior designer in Los Angeles to help you bring this warm and casual feel to your spaces.

With that in mind, you can contact JAC Interiors for a consultation today!

California Coastal Interior Design

What is California Coastal Style?

California Coastal is a style that exudes casual elegance. It is laid back with wood tones, natural fibers, slip-covered sofas with pillows, clean lines, white walls, and a feeling that brings comfort while drawing inspiration from the ocean.

With California Coastal design, you have the best combination of coastal, modern, and rustic vibes that create a unique style that will live up to your California dream. Those warm woods, coupled with textural touches, add balance to your space. Whether it’s for your dining room, master bedroom, master bathroom, guest bedroom, living room, outdoor living spaces, or even for your whole home, this is one style that is livable while being sophisticated!

If you have always adored Farmhouse design style but found it too rustic, Coastal design uses some of those elements along with natural materials, natural textures, and cozy warm tones. It’s all about taking something old while having it fit right alongside something more sleek and modern. With JAC Interiors, you’ll be able to create this pleasing beach style for your home.

How to Create a California Coastal Design Style

To create that California Casual style, there are some design tips to keep in mind. With living space designers in Los Angeles through JAC Interiors, you can make the whole process go more smoothly. Then you’ll have that design style you crave for your coastal home.

Define Your Color Palette

The first step in California Coastal design is to consider colors. Earth tones work great, though it’s important to remember to mix warm and cool tones. Warm and creamy white walls are the way to go to complement all the other coastal design elements that will come into play. 

Add Warm Wood Tones

With a coastal design style, wood is a crucial point. You can mix in both mid- and light-toned woods. This goes for everything from your coffee table to high ceilings with exposed beams.

Warm and Cool Balance Throughout

California Coastal is a blend of warm and cool colors. This works by incorporating earthy tones, neutral seating, and wood furniture. Layering in other colors like sage, charcoal gray, cognac, rust orange, and even something with a blue color gives it the heart and soul you seek. While it might sound like a lot of colors, they will look great when you keep your base as neutral as possible. Think of things like a rug, pillows, wall décor, and other items to bring those colors into your space.

Add Modern Furniture to Complement Your Architectural Features

If your home has archways, fireplaces, wood beams on the ceiling, or large windows to let in natural light, these architectural details can help with your coastal style. Modern furnishings with simple lines make it easy to bring balance, making for a livable space that is comfortable yet beautiful. 

Bring In Rustic Accents

Coastal California style leaves the world of stuffy décor behind. Replace décor that you never wanted anyone to touch with things that are rustic, casual, and tactile. With thoughtful touches like rustic wood trays, marble bowls, dried florals on your dining table, and old pottery, it puts the new and old together seamlessly. 

Important Considerations for Creating California Coastal Design in Your Home

In Los Angeles, the style of your home can play a role in creating this design. However, if it is Coastal Casual you desire, a key thing to remember is to start with earthy neutral colors and build out from there.

Adding warm and cool tones will help create that Zen feeling in your home with coastal, rustic flair. You can bring it into your home in one room, like your guest bathroom, or go full-on Coastal California throughout your entire home to make it have that beachy feel that will always make it a wonderful day.

The biggest mistake people make when going with a Coastal California design is that they add mid-century modern furniture. What is needed are clean, modern, and simple lines with all the soft, comforting rustic touches that make you want to stay and linger for a while within this world of livable luxury.

At JAC Interiors, our Design Build Los Angeles feature makes it even easier to accomplish the task of reviving your home’s interior with a fresh coastal perspective. We merge your personality with these coastal elements to enhance your home with designs that look and feel sophisticated yet warm, welcoming, and inviting. Contact us today for a consultation!

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