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At JAC Interiors, we understand that your home is a canvas of personal expression. We believe that a home is more than just a place – it is a reflection of your lifestyle, a sanctuary of comfort, and a canvas for your unique tastes. As a leading home remodeling company in Los Angeles, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life through our experience, creativity, and commitment to excellence.

Comprehensive Home Remodeling Solutions by JAC Interiors

At JAC Interiors, we go beyond the ordinary, offering outstanding home remodeling solutions that raise your living spaces to new heights. Our extensive range of services is designed to turn your vision into a reality, blending innovation, functionality, and style. Discover how JAC Interiors can redefine and enhance every corner of your space with home remodeling Los Angeles solutions.

Kitchen Transformations

We can change your culinary experience with our expert kitchen remodeling services. As your general contractor, we can blend modern design with functionality to create kitchens that are both stylish and practical. The best part is we allow homeowners in Los Angeles County to plan changes while the work is ongoing.

New Kitchen

Luxurious Bathroom Renovations

Indulge in the luxury of a spa-like retreat with our master bathroom remodeling skills. We focus on designs that balance functionality, style, and ultimate comfort in both old and new construction. You can count on us to transform your old bathroom completely to match it with your dream home by using the best materials.

Comprehensive Whole House Renovations

Turn your entire home into a work of art with our whole-house remodeling projects. Our holistic approach to a home improvement project ensures each room is part of a harmonious and cohesive design. You can also get additional accessory dwelling units or a master suite.

Room Additions

Expand your living space with our room addition services. Whether you need an extra bedroom, a home office, or a personalized space, we are your one-stop shop in Southern California to create additions that integrate with your existing structure.

Outdoor Living Spaces Redefined

Maximize your enjoyment of the California lifestyle with our outdoor living space designs. From inviting patio covers and elevated decks, to an additional accessory dwelling unit, we create outdoor areas that seamlessly extend your indoor living space. We can also take care of garage conversions and add a guest bathroom outside.

Dining Room Remodeling

Upgrade your dining experience with our home renovation solutions. From sophisticated designs to innovative layouts, our home builders bring a touch of elegance to your dining room, creating a welcoming space for gatherings and memorable meals.

Family Room Innovation

Reimagine your family room with JAC Interiors. We specialize in innovative designs that cater to the dynamics of modern family life. Whether it's cozy movie nights or casual gatherings, our renovation team can ensure your family room is both inviting and functional.

Home Office Transformation

In the era of remote work, your home office deserves a touch of sophistication. Our remodeling services cater to creating productive and aesthetically pleasing home office spaces, combining functionality with a stylish ambiance.

Exceptional Benefits of JAC Interiors for Your Design Journey in Los Angeles Area

  • Unmatched Skills: Our project managers have over a decade of experience in the design industry as a leading construction company.
  • Detailed Knowledge: Tap into the knowledge of a team well-versed in the latest trends and innovations for a complete remodel in the greater Los Angeles area.
  • Personalized Design Approach: Our general contractors will closely work with your designs to match your unique preferences and lifestyle.
  • Craftsmanship Excellence: Experience attention to detail and the highest standards of craftsmanship for complete customer satisfaction.
  • Transparent Communication: Stay informed and engaged throughout the design process with our commitment to transparent communication.
  • Timely Project Completion: Benefit from efficient project management at the job site, ensuring your project is completed on schedule.
  • Comprehensive Design Services: Explore a wide range of design services, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, whole-house renovations, room additions, and outdoor living space transformations.
  • Innovative and Creative Solutions: Enjoy the creativity of a team dedicated to pushing boundaries and creating truly unique spaces.
  • Trusted and Reliable Team: Experience peace of mind knowing your design project is in the hands of skilled artists who give attention to the client’s expectations.

Steps We Take to Minimize Disruption in Your Life

At JAC Interiors, we understand the importance of a smooth and minimally disruptive home remodeling process. Our approach as a design builder in Los Angeles is to lend priority to your comfort and convenience throughout every step of the project. Here's how we minimize disruption to your life:


Detailed Planning

We start with a thorough planning phase where we work closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and lifestyle. This allows us to create a detailed project plan that aligns with your needs.

Clear Communication

Open and transparent communication is key. We keep you informed about the project timeline, milestones, and any potential disruptions well in advance. This ensures that you are aware of the progress and can plan accordingly.

Flexible Scheduling

We strive to accommodate your schedule as much as possible. Our team works with flexibility, considering the times that are most convenient for you.

Efficient Execution

Our skilled professionals work efficiently to complete the remodeling project within the agreed-upon timeline. We prioritize quality craftsmanship to ensure the final result exceeds your expectations.

Clean and Tidy Workspaces

We maintain a clean and organized work environment. Our team takes measures to control dust, debris, and clutter, ensuring that your living spaces remain as functional as possible during the renovation.

Respect for Your Home

We treat your home with respect during interior design projects. Our team follows best practices to protect your belongings and minimize the impact on the areas not undergoing renovation.

Post-Project Cleanup

Once the remodeling is complete, we conduct a thorough cleanup to leave your home in pristine condition. This includes removing any construction debris and ensuring that all areas are ready for you to enjoy. This is one of the reasons why we are leading pioneers in the remodeling industry.

Noteworthy Projects by JAC Interiors

Venice Boho House

With sweeping ocean views and a boho-chic modern farmhouse aesthetic, JAC Interiors transformed this space into a unique story for a small family. Bespoke touches, such as hand-selected matte fireplace slabs and one-off lighting pieces, create a textured and organic environment. From the cozy pajama room to outdoor spaces featuring a pool, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen, this project exemplifies JAC's commitment to creating spaces for unforgettable entertainment experiences.

Santa Monica House

JAC Interiors retained the Mediterranean integrity while modernizing the space. Preserving original elements like leaded pane windows and Pewabic tiles, the design brought the outdoors inside with textures and colors. The master bath renovation, with underfloor heating and bespoke features, set a modern tone. This project showcases JAC's ability to balance history, charm, and location, creating a fresh yet historically rooted living experience for a young family.

Venice Beach House

This Venice Beach townhouse represents JAC Interiors' prowess in transforming spaces into vibrant, personalized sanctuaries. Departing from traditional beachy designs, the team infused the space with the homeowners’ favorite color palettes, creating a lively atmosphere. Notable changes include the artful family room adorned with retro Arte wallpaper, a versatile 20-foot custom media console doubling as a wine bar, and a rooftop oasis for sunset views.

Venice Beach

Expert Tips for Home Remodeling in Los Angeles

When embarking on a home remodeling project in Los Angeles, consider the following tips to ensure a successful and satisfying outcome:

  • Define Your Goals: Clearly outline your objectives for the remodel. Whether it is enhancing aesthetics, improving functionality, or increasing property value, having a clear vision will guide the entire process.
  • Budget Wisely: Establish a realistic budget that considers both your needs and wants. Factor in unforeseen expenses and allocate funds accordingly to prevent financial stress during the project.
  • Research and Plan: Thoroughly research designs, materials, and contractors. Create a detailed plan that outlines the project scope, timeline, and any potential challenges. This will serve as a roadmap for the remodeling journey.
  • Prioritize Quality: Invest in high-quality materials and skilled professionals. Cutting corners may lead to future issues and additional costs. Quality craftsmanship ensures longevity and satisfaction with the finished product.
  • Consider Long-Term Value: Think about how the remodel will impact your home's resale value. Opt for improvements that not only meet your current needs but also contribute positively to the property's market value.
  • Energy Efficiency: Incorporate energy-efficient solutions into your remodel. This not only benefits the environment but also reduces long-term utility costs, providing a practical and sustainable upgrade.
  • Stay Informed: Keep yourself informed about local building codes, permits, and regulations. Ensure that your remodel complies with all necessary requirements to avoid legal complications.
  • Communication is Key: Maintain open and clear communication with your full-service general contractor throughout the home remodel project in San Fernando Valley. 
  • Prepare for Disruptions: Understand that remodeling can be disruptive to daily life. Plan accordingly, and if possible, arrange for alternative living arrangements during critical phases of construction.
  • Trust Your Instincts: While considering professional advice, trust your instincts and personal preferences. Your home should reflect your style and needs, so make decisions that align with your vision.

We Know the Art and Science of Home Remodeling 

Ingenuity in Design

Ingenuity is at the core of JAC Interiors' design philosophy. The team prides itself on thinking outside the box, finding innovative solutions to design challenges, and introducing elements that surprise and delight. 

The Science of Functionality

Beyond aesthetics, JAC Interiors treats the functionality of a space as a science. The studio understands the concepts of spatial planning, ergonomics, and the latest in interior technology to create home redesigns that combine form and function.

The Wow Factor

JAC Interiors aspires to add a "wow factor" to every project. This could be a unique architectural element or an unexpected color palette that elevates the entire space. The wow factor is the signature touch that makes JAC Interiors' home remodels unforgettable.

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