Mountain Chic Interiors

Picture this, you wake up with a chill on your nose and a mountain of down duvet on your chest, the smell of coffee in the air. Your current room is crisp but warm and glowy, with the slightest hint of the morning sun cresting over the evergreens, through the fat flakes that fall in front of your bedroom's picture window. You slowly open your eyes to get the first peak of another fabulous winter morning and you realize, you have no deadlines, no conference calls, no need to get up, but you do anyways. The silence is just too luxurious to pass up. You are on vacation! A fabulous mountain chic vacation. From here on out your only focus is how to get everyone dressed, fed and ready to hit the slopes to chase powder for a good chunk of the day, only to come home to a hot beverage, most likely spiked, a crackling fire, some warm grub and some serious family time.

How could this get any better you ask? How about take this feeling and put it in the most luxurious of modern cabin decor ideas. We're talking 15 foot reclaimed wood ceilings outlined with intersecting solid wood beams. Full floor to ceiling black steel lined windows to frame a pristine white capped mountain view at dusk. A 6 point deer head hanging over a mega slate faced fireplace and a front row seat on a massively deep, low U shaped sectional, overflowing with piles of puffy pillows and draped with gorgeous animal pelts. Above, a strong, structural, but softly glowing chandelier accompanied by perfect pops of candle light strategically placed throughout this main living space. Leave us alone, we are in our happy place!

Now this is absolutely dream world scenario for most of us, however, attaining the quintessential best alpine style can be harnessed with a few key items. LOTS of unfinished wood, layers of fur, leather, fireplace mantel decor and a warm, clean, mellow color palette. Throw in some plaid, cashmere, antlers, a hot toddy and you have got yourself a proper ski lodge vibe.

In this, your very own dream luxury ski lodge uses chic cabin decor in the bedroom which is the perfect place to layer on these elements. Start with the largest bed your room can possibly fit ---totally necessary right?--- top it with crisp white Egyptian cotton linens, drape with a massive faux fur throw in warm browns or creams then finish by propping a solid few rows of giant euros in subtle patterns and neutral colors in descending size order. Float the room on a one of a kind hand woven half shag area rug or a fabulous cow hide with similar mellow colors as the bed dressing. Add in a pair of bedside accents lamps, a perfectly placed leather arm chair, fill any stark white walls with a minimally intrusive art piece and you have created a place for those worn out ski muscles to recuperate in style.


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