What Is Design-Build?

When your spaces no longer suit your life at home or your business and you want to create something from the start that is ideal for your needs, the design-build process can be a perfect fit. The design-build method changes the way you approach design, making it match your vision.

JAC Interiors is the design-build team you need with expertise and dedication to manage design-build projects from start to finish. Read on to learn more about the design-build delivery method and how it can help you achieve immaculate interior design customized for your home or business.

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What Are Design Build Construction Projects?

Design-build construction projects are leading the way in project delivery methods. The design-build method connects design and construction seamlessly, where the design and construction phases of a project are harmonized and choreographed around the focus of project delivery.

A design-builder provides the design and construction services in one contract. Known as the design-build contract, it details the architectural design, engineering, labor, materials, and other items related to this slice of the construction industry.

The benefit of using a design-build team for design and construction is that there is only one contract for these building projects. Rather than have separate contracts for an initial concept of design and the construction project, the design-build team is responsible for the entire design-build process.

The design-builder shoulders all the responsibility and accountability for delivering all aspects of residential or commercial construction projects. If a problem arises during the design phase or design process, or there is an issue with construction spending, your design builder resolves it. While they manage multiple contracts and parties, you only work with a single contract and the same team as your design-builder for a smoother, more efficient process that delivers results you’ll love.

What Are the Benefits of a Design-Build Project Delivery Method?

As the project owner, a design bid build with a design-builder or design-build firm will provide the following benefits: 

Lower Risk

Since you will only have a single contract for the construction process and design through the design-builder or master builder, the design-build firm is completely responsible for results and guarantees. The construction company and the design-build team are bound by this contract to fulfill the scope of the project and the budget. This eliminates the biggest risks with construction contracts that are often full of change orders that cause delays or changes to the budget.

High Quality

Project owners get to work more closely with the design-builder on the project vision for the entire project. This leads to fewer gaps in the construction phases through the single point of contact. An integrated team is better able to meet project schedules and combine resources to utilize the best practices and materials for your design-build.

Faster Completion

Continual collaboration with the construction firm on the part of the design-build contractor means there will be fewer delays to impact the schedule for completion. As it is the singular responsibility of design-build teams, you will find project delivery stays on course.

Cost Savings

With a design-build, you get the construction expertise of a general contractor and a design project team combined. They work together to move each project forward, and through this continued interaction, they keep costs lower because there are fewer changes. An integrated team helps avoid many of the common concerns in project design from the early collaboration of preliminary drawings to post construction.

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Understanding the Design Build Model

Design-build contracts, whether for office buildings or homes, are a collaborative way to approach a project. By understanding the process, you’ll see how design-build compares to other models.

Selecting a Site

The design-build starts with having you choose your location for the appropriate site. During this selection, you’ll want to consider the conception of your project, for which the design bid build method is very helpful. With your design-build team, you have access to architects and engineers prior to the other project phases.

Design and Costs

Design-build helps prevent cost overruns by using virtual design and construction. The entire team can see everything take shape before they ever break ground, assuring a guaranteed maximum price.

Construction Phase

Once the construction phase begins, your design-build team will be in charge of managing disparate contracts to streamline the process. They handle subcontracting and manage everything while keeping you informed. Another benefit is that your design-builder will have already cultivated working relationships with contractors and subcontractors, making it easier to get things done right without sacrificing quality.


What consumes the most time is the closeout process, but by using a design-build team, it will be quicker and easier. Since a single design-build team is in charge of organizing your entire building project, the closeout is simplified compared to using traditional design bid build methods.

The Difference Between Design Build and Other Project Delivery Systems in the Construction Industry

When using the traditional design bid build, there are three processes to consider. These phases involve the design, the procurement, and then construction. A design bid build model requires you as the owner of the project to take your bids from contractors based on the plans they create.

The problem with this design bid build scenario is that each of the people involved, from the architects to the designers to the contractors, will not interact, collaborate, or work together. This means that you would need to oversee them all and manage each contract yourself to make sure the project is completed in the way you have envisioned it.

A progressive design-build, unlike a design bid build, relies on collaborating with each team throughout the building process. All the people are brought in early to discuss the parameters. They make tweaks, working together to ensure your best interests. This prevents wasted time and overspending and allows you to truly love what has been built for you.

Should You Choose a Design-Build?

A design-build is an excellent option for many construction applications in residential and commercial properties. As projects become more complex and the need to meet deadlines is critical, having a design-builder is one of the best ways to make the most effective use of your time and investment.

In both pre-construction and construction phases, design-build outshines other options by bringing architecture, design, and construction under one contract. It streamlines the whole project while giving you a single point of contact who will keep you informed every step of the way.

The design-build team you choose is essential in making the project come together seamlessly. You will feel confident in choosing JAC Interiors, a design-build firm backed by years of experience in completing projects for both residential and commercial properties. We have built solid relationships with reliable contractors, subcontractors, architects, and suppliers, making it easy for us to build the perfect spaces that fit your style and budget. Contact us today to discover how we can customize your design-build project to be perfect for you.

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