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The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the family gathers, cooks, and spends quality time. Suppose you have decided that it's time to say goodbye to that little white refrigerator and laminate countertops. In that case, our kitchen designers can help you make the kitchen design you have envisioned come to life. 

Kitchens are generally more complicated to handle than the other rooms within your house. Planning a kitchen involves electrical, plumbing, fixtures, lighting, appliances, and storage areas. And because this space is typically the central gathering spot for your family and friends, it should exceed your expectations. 

There's a lot at stake when designing your kitchen. That's where we step in. At JAC Interiors, we'll work closely with you to provide unique interior design services that combine style and function. You can expect the highest levels of kitchen design skills when you work with our team. 

With an eye for unparalleled customer service excellence, we guarantee to fulfill your dreams with breathtaking finishes, high-quality fixtures, and unsurpassed workmanship. Whether you need a new kitchen or kitchen remodel, working with JAC Interiors will offer you the design edge you are looking for.


Kitchen Remodels Created with You in Mind


Remodeling your kitchen may seem daunting, from choosing the right appliances to installing new cabinets and making the kitchen more inviting. Our interior designers at JAC know that an amazing-looking kitchen is more than a place where you cook. The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it's only natural that you want the design to reflect that. 

That's why we'll listen to your idea and work closely with you to determine the best materials, layout, and options for your kitchen remodel. After you've considered your family's needs, the remodel's scope, and the room size, we'll start the design phase to create the ideal kitchen design that suits your preferences, lifestyle, and needs.

You'll want a kitchen remodeling design team that you can trust. At JAC Interiors, we have years of experience in remodeling houses and a portfolio that can prove our expertise. We don't limit our services to just remodeling your kitchen, but our designers and craftsmen can provide you with the home remodeling you have always dreamt of. Our team will keep you informed at every step, ensuring transparency, clear communication, and efficient construction. Remodel the kitchen of your dreams today, minus the worry.

Palm Desert Kitchen Designers

You may have dreamed of remodeling your kitchen to give you less clutter, an increased cooking space, and more state-of-the-art appliances than your current kitchen. And after years of planning, you're finally ready to take the big step and hire a kitchen designer in Palm Desert, CA

Kitchen remodeling designers and contractors usually handle the entire remodeling project, including scheduling inspections, demolishing your existing kitchen, obtaining permits and materials, preparing your space for new construction, and installing your new kitchen. It's common for kitchens to require extensive planning, as they are more complex than other rooms. That is because a kitchen designer must also plan for electrical, plumbing, gas, lighting, fixtures, prep areas, and storage. 

Here at JAC Interiors, we understand that your kitchen's functionality isn't the sole thing that matters. Yet, its design must be welcoming and attractive enough for your friends and family to socialize. Besides knowing brands, budgets, and design styles, our kitchen designers have a deep knowledge of essential design fundaments to ensure your space functions properly for you and your family. Our final design considers traffic flow, ease of use, storage, lighting, and kitchen workflow.

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Whether your house needs some updating or a more thorough renovation and remodeling, you can rely on JAC Interiors to guide you to the right decision and bring beauty and freshness to your kitchen and home. Our team is ready to assist you on any project you may have - from remodeling your kitchen to redoing your bathroom or turning other rooms into a place of relaxation or entertainment. 

Most homeowners make mistakes when buying accessories, furnishings, and furniture on their own, only to regret it later. At JAC Interiors, we'll walk you through room arrangements, color, and appliance selections, to create the perfect kitchen design. Contact us today and let us craft a home environment that reflects your style, lifestyle, and needs.   

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