A Millennial’s Best Friend: Plants

Last year the Washington Post ran an article about millennial home decor and indoor plant ideas with the headline, “Millennials are filling their homes – and the void in their hearts – with houseplants.” It was an apt (if not slightly depressing) assessment of a generation of people who consider themselves highly independent (even if they’re too often calling mom and dad for a handout). Like man’s other best friend, the dog, houseplants are living creatures and as with the knowing and unquestioning warmth of pets, millennials have found that they are able to find some solace from the terrors of the world in tending to their plant's green stems, waxy dimpled leaves, and bright expressive flowers. Plants are a means of bringing life into a home without going full baby and perhaps without the equally tiring commitment of the aforementioned canine companion. And here at JAC Interiors that means pulling from the natural beauty that surrounds us as interior designers in Southern California…

The simplest and most effortless type of popular indoor plants would have to be the succulent. Succulents, commonly known as cactus, are the perfect houseguest for any millennial because they require next to nil in the way of actual care. They’re the perfect "set it and forget it" type of plant (though you do actually need to water most succulents every couple weeks). Available in an incredible array of colors, shapes, and sizes, succulents are the perfect way to accessorize any modern home and bring in that California desert vibe that JAC loves so much.

Other house plant trends include ferns and grasses which also add to a dramatic interior, while moderately sized trees like the fiddle-head fig are the ultimate ‘gram worthy décor trend. See below our other house plant ideas:

Of course, while cut flowers won’t last long, we here at JAC feel they’re perfect for bringing in a temporary but powerful pop of color. Drop them in vases all throughout the house, especially in places that might need a little sprucing (ha!) up like the entryway, a powder room, or even on top of a perfectly curated barcart.

Experiment with scale, bud vases and ceiling height palms can each pack a strong design punch. And as we always say, don’t be afraid to go bold. Keeping plants shows you’re keeping cool in life, able to nurture and love something other than yourself, and build a fully realized interior space for you to enjoy and for your friends to be madly jealous of.

And if you really think you can't handle the maintenance and upkeep required of actual plants (or if you're a serial allergy sufferer), we've got one last trick up our greensleeves: wallpaper! If you know JAC, you know JAC loves wallpaper and what cuter way to bring in a pop of color than with a delicate modern floral or proudly geometric frond print?


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